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Saturday, 20 October 2018

MGC Derma CBD Skincare Review

Cult Beauty Ltd.

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CBD seems to be the in thing right now, there's so many articles going around about how beneficial it can be for your health. But what actually is it? There's so many misconceptions about CBD aka Cannabidol, so here's a few facts:
  • Is it from cannabis or hemp? Yes, it's one of many cannabinoid compounds that form the cannabis plant. Cannabis and hemp are basically the same plant except that Hemp has much higher levels of CBD, whereas Cannabis has higher levels of THC.
  • Will it get you high? No! The part of cannabis that is psychoactive is called THC.
  • Is it illegal? No! In the UK, CBD is legal. THC however, is illegal.
  •  CBD is a brilliant anti-inflammatory and can be used to treat a number of things, including epilepsy, anxiety and chronic pain. 
  • CBD has been available in the UK as a food supplement for a while but has been re-classified as a medicine. Cannabis has more recently been classified as a medicine in the UK as can be prescribed by certain specialist doctors.

So how does CBD benefit our skin? Cannabinoids are responsible for the production of lipids which in turn have benefits for the skin. CBD prompts your skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. CBD also helps neutralise free radicals caused by UV light which damage skin. One last way in which CBD benefits our skin is by helping increase absorption levels so anything else put on our skin, sinks in better! Clever right?

Here's where MGC Derma come in! They're the cosmetic side of MGC Pharmaceuticals who are an Australian company leading the way in CBD research and development. All their products are designed with a holistic approach in mind.

I've been lucky enough to try three MGC Derma products out over the last few weeks. Here's my thoughts on them.

CBD and Hyaluronic Cleansing Milk - This cleanser is for all skin types and costs £38 for 150ml. It's soap free and is designed to cleanse skin and leave it soft and hydrated. It contains Grape Seed oil which is great for acne prone skin, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, CBD to firm and Vitamin C to brighten skin. I've mainly been using this in a morning as I've found it to be incredibly gentle. It's a beautiful rich, thick cream consistency. It rinses off easily and leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated.

CBD and Hyaluronic Facial pH Balance Toner - This toner is designed for those with oily skin and costs £38 for 150ml. Having the skin at an optimal pH level ensures that the Hyaluronic Acid is absorbed efficiently. 

Now I got a bit of a shock when I first used this toner as it's a foam! Not what I was expecting as all. You need the smallest amount of product, a little goes a long way. I've found it applies best by squirting it into my hand rather than on a cotton pad. The toner has a lovely almost silky feel which makes it really pleasant to apply. I found it to be incredibly hydrating. After using, my skin looks plumped and fresh. I've been liking using this in the morning because of this. I think this bottle will last ages as it's a big bottle and you only need a small amount. So it's fairly good value for money!

CBD Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Serum - this is for all skin types and costs £80 for 50ml. This serum is designed to hydrate and protect skin. It contains some amazing ingredients including hyaluronic acid, apple stem cells, Vitamins C & E and anti-aging heroes, Peptides. Now I've not used this enough to comment on the long term benefits but what I can say is that this is the most hydrating serum I've ever used and I don't say that lightly! It's quite a thick cream texture but it just melts into skin so easily. Skin looks so youthful after using it - it's amazing. I have quite visible pores on my cheeks and they disappear because it plumps my skin so much.

One thing that I wasn't too keen on was the fragrance. All three products have the same scent. It's a pleasant, fresh smell but I found it to be too strong. I can be pretty sensitive to certain fragrances (they can give me migraines) so I was a bit worried when first trying them out. Luckily the fragrance doesn't linger so there were no issues. 

I love the packaging for all three products, it's chunky and solid. The pumps mean it's easy to dispense the right amount of product, so none goes to waste. Due to the consistencies of the products they make a hilarious squelching sound when the product comes out. Makes me laugh every time! I'm such a child.

All in all, I've found these to be lovely products to use. If your looking to introduce CBD into your skincare routine, then have a look at MGC Derma!

Cult Beauty Ltd.


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