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Friday, 29 March 2019

Sundaily Gummies - Protecting Skin From The Inside!

Space NK UK

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I've been taking Sundaily gummies - The Base Layer, every day for a while now so thought it was time for a more detailed post! I'm a big believer in treating skin care holistically. Not only can we look after our skin by putting things on it topically, we can care for it from the inside by what we eat. I'm sure you've all had a pimple or two after eating one too many sugary sweets. I know I have! 

So what are Sundaily gummies for? They are designed to help skin combat environmental stressors. Environmental stressors are things like UV rays from the sun, pollution, diet, stress, lack of sleep and smoking. All these things can cause free radical damage to our skin, which present as signs of aging. 

We all know that antioxidants combat free radicals - that's why we include them in our topical skincare (like Vitamin C serums). Sundaily gummies are packed with antioxidants to work from the inside to fight against the environmental stressors. Not only do they protect from UV damage, they also boost skins collagen layer and help keep skin smooth and texture free. 

The active ingredients that do all the hard work are:

  • Polypodium Leucototmos extract - this Amazonian fern is packed with antioxidants.
  • Vitamin D3 (from Lichen) - this is essential for skins health and also supports skins ability to fight free radicals.

The gummies themselves are designed to be taken daily, each morning. They're a sweet orange flavour, so are a tasty treat. They're vegan, gluten free and dairy free. Now when it comes to measuring how well they protect skin, you have to think of it like SPF. We know SPF doesn't just stop us from burning, it's the best thing for anti-aging! Most days (especially in the UK in winter) you don't see or notice how your SPF is protecting your skin but you know it is doing exactly that! Sundaily gummies are the same, they're an extra form of protection and a further way to prevent skin damage. Which in my book, is always good!

If you're interested in trying Sundaily gummies and getting that extra level of protection from environmental stressors, the you can get 20% off using my affiliate code Toria20 - click HERE to go straight to their website. Sundaily ship internationally. 

Space NK UK

Monday, 25 March 2019

Jan Marini BioClear Lotion

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I've been using Jan Marini BioClear Lotion for over a month now so thought it was time for a review! I bought this serum through my facialist (@aartisbeauty_grimsby) after she recommended it to help with my acne. Now I have to admit that I'd not actually heard of Jan Marini until then. Funnily enough I've seen a fair few people using it since!

Having looked into the brand since, I've established that they're know for producing reliable, high quality professional skincare. They offer products for each skin type, so there's the right products regardless of your skin complaint. They have a large range of products, with innovative formulas, many of which have won awards (BioClear included).

Now back to BioClear Lotion. Now although it's called a lotion, it's actually a traditional serum consistency. It contains a potent blend of Glycolic, Salicylic and Azelaic acids which makes it perfect for acne / blemish prone skins like mine! Glycolic and Azelaic are great to tackle acne pigmentation and texture issues, whilst Salicylic gets deep into your pores to decongest them.

I have to say, it was love at first use! The serum soaks into skin beautifully, hydrating and smoothing straight away. It's light and silky. It has that faint acidic scent, similar to Drunk Elephant Framboos. You can feel that it contains a decent strength of acid by the way it tingles. It leaves skin super soft and exfoliated. I originally used it just in my PM routine but I've since upped to using it in an AM too. I've had good improvement with my acne. It's not cleared it up completely (nothing has yet!) but it's certainly made a difference. The spots that have appeared have been blemishes rather than the large cysts that I usually get and they're cleared up quickly. I've also noticed improvement on my acne pigmentation - it's fading nicely.

This has quickly become one of my favourite exfoliating serums and one of the most effective! Have you tried anything from Jan Marini yet? BioClear Lotion is available from Skin City HERE for £55. The full Jan Marini range at Skin City is HERE.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Function of Beauty Leave In Conditioner

Function of Beauty

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Use of the affiliate links is hugely appreciated and is a great way to support my blog. I love knowing my reviews are being put to good use!*

You all know how much I adore Function of Beauty's bespoke shampoo and conditioner (if you don't read my review HERE) so you can imagine my excitement when they announced they were bringing out a leave in conditioner! I ordered mine as soon as it was released and got a microfiber towel included.

My hair has previously been in bad condition thanks to bleaching and daily straightening. Since using Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner, my hair has been in the best condition ever! Now that it's in good condition, I'm determined to keep it that way! I've been looking after it by using a leave in conditioner every time I wash my hair. I also regularly use wash out treatments. It really makes a difference. I has been using a number of different leave in conditioners like Living Proof, Ouai and IGK Hair. These have all been fab but I couldn't resist trying Function of Beauty's!

What makes Function of Beauty so special is that the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner is made specifically for your hair type. You fill out a quiz on their website, inputting all the info about your hair type and what you want from the products. I chose thermal protection, colour protection, anti-frizz, shine and deep condition. You even get to choose the fragrance (coconut and pineapple for me) and the colour (blue obvs)! There's the option to subscribe to regular orders, to save a bit of money. I have mine set so that I get them delivered every 6 months (I go for the big bottles).

So, the new leave in conditioner is automatically made to the same specifications - the only difference is that you can't pick a colour, it's left white. I'm guessing this is so you don't mix in up with the normal conditioner. I've been using the leave in conditioner for a few weeks now and can say that it's just as amazing as the shampoo and conditioner! It's light and hydrating. It helps smooth ends straight away. It doesn't leave hair heavy, lank or greasy looking. It's not crispy either! That was always a pet hate of mine, with cheap leave in conditioners. Plus it smells fantastic too! What's not to love?! I've now tagged the leave in conditioner onto my subscription so I'll never run out.

Have you tried Function of Beauty yet? If not, you can get 10% off your first order by clicking on the advert below. The leave in conditioner can be purchased on it's own HERE. Enjoy! 
Function of Beauty

Monday, 18 March 2019

Best Products to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Space NK UK

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Use of the affiliate links is hugely appreciated and is a great way to support my blog. I love knowing my reviews are being put to good use!*

I've always been self conscious about the dark circles under my eyes. For as long as I can remember I've caked on concealer to try and stop me looking half dead, only for the dreaded dark circles to shine through regardless. I guess my inner panda is trying to get out.

After finding a pretty decent fix with Becca's Under Eye Brightening Corrector, I gave up trying not to look permanently tired. I decided that my dark circles must be hereditary and bought a life time supply of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Trinny London Just A Touch to cover them up.

Then Drunk Elephant came to the UK and like the majority of the skincare community I fell in love with their products. One in particular stole my heart. I'm of course talking about C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream (available from Space NK and Cult Beauty for £54). Now if you've not tried this eye cream yet, then you're really missing out. It was literally love at first use for me. It has the most heavenly consistency. It's a fairly thick cream that just melts into your skin, like nothing else I've tried. It instantly smooths, brightens and wakes up my eye area. It's fabulous and is my favourite AM eye cream.
So what's in this elixir of youth to make it so amazing? A potent mix of 5 types of Vitamin C, along with peptides and ceramides. What more could you want?

Now when it comes to PM eye treatment I'd swapped and changed between a number of rich creams which were all fab for hydration but not much else. I was on the look out for something with a bit more oomph when I spotted that there was an offer on Verso Super Eye Serum at @MMCL_LDN (also available from Space NK and Cult Beauty). I swooped and bought it straight away as it had been on my wish list for ages after I'd tried a sample of it. This light and intensely hydrating serum is packed with Retinol 8 (named as it's 8 times more effective than Retinol), peptides, anti-oxidants and Tumeric (an anti-inflammatory). If you've not tried any of Verso's products with Retinol 8 in them, let me tell you, they are strong. You can feel as soon as you apply it that it's powerful stuff. Perfect to keep those wrinkles at bay!

It wasn't until I bought myself Trinny London's new BFF Eye (a concealer / serum hybrid) that I noticed something had changed. I'd taken before and after photos using BFF Eye, which I intended to include in my review of the product (which can be found HERE if you've not read it yet). When I came to edit the photos (I was going to put them side by side as one image) that I noticed how good my under eye area looked! The once instantly noticeable dark circles had faded and were much less obvious. I was more than pleasantly surprised at the improvement I've had from using both of these eye products regularly.

So if you're looking for products to banish those dark circles, give these two a try!

Cult Beauty Ltd.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2019

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Use of the affiliate links is hugely appreciated and is a great way to support my blog. I love knowing my reviews are being put to good use!*

Mothers Day is just around the corner here in the UK (31st March) and it's the perfect excuse to spoil your Mum's or be spoilt if you are a Mum. So I thought I'd put together a little gift guide to give you all some ideas (Dad's take note!).

Lets start with something for the makeup obsessed Mum. The Nuda Eyeshadow Palette from Diego dalla Palma could be a perfect choice! This stunning palette contains 12 nude and warm shades, inspired by the tones of the earth. The eyeshadows are a mix of matte, satin and extra-pearl finish so there's everything you need to create a number of looks! Just look at those swatches. All this for £32.50 - bargain! Available from Look Fantastic UK HERE and USA HERE

Or were you looking for a gift to help Mum relax and have a pamper? Then something from Mor Emporium Classics might be more suitable. This luxe brand offers bath and body products, fine fragrance and home scents too. Everything you need for that spa at home experience! Available in 6 different scents, there's sure to be one that Mum will love. I've been trying out the Hand and Nail Cream in the blood orange scent, it's such a lovely treat! The scent is so luxe and it leaves my hands super soft and nourished. It's packed with antioxidant-rich white tea and acai. At £15 it's an affordable but opulent gift. Mor products are available from Look Fantastic UK HERE and USA HERE.

Another wonderful brand for fragrance and body care is Le Couvent Des Minimes. This French brand are 100% vegan and make sophisticated, botanical fragrances using the same traditions that were originally used in 1614 by the Royal Botanist - amazing right?! I've been using an Aqua Minimes set which contains a botanical cologne and hand cream. The Aqua Minimes fragrance is just wonderful - it's woody and citrusy, so fresh! For £40 is an absolute bargain! Le Couvent Des Minimes are also available from Look Fantastic UK HERE and USA HERE.

Another great beauty option is the Space NK x Selfish Mother collaboration set available HERE for £50 (not pictured). This contains beauty favourites like Drunk Elephant, By Terry and Omorovizca to name a few. It's actually worth £95 so it's a bargain, plus £5 from every set goes to national Domestic Violence charity Refuge, which is a brilliant cause. These will no doubt sell out quickly so don't hang around!

And last but not least there's the Be Radiant Pack from Freshley Cosmetics available HERE for £80. This set contains three of Freshley's best selling products - The Golden Radiance Body oil which is a beautiful, rich oil that smells so fruity and helps firm skin, the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum which gently exfoliates skin to reveal a smooth, radiant complexion and the Hyper-Concentrate Eye Contour Serum which promises to help fade dark circles and fine lines. There's only 1000 of this limited edition set available, so be quick!

Whatever you decide to do for your Mum on Mother's day, make sure to spend some time with her and let her know how much you love and appreciate her - that's the best gift after all!

Space NK UK

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

How To Cover Acne and Spots With Makeup

Space NK UK

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Use of the affiliate links is hugely appreciated and is a great way to support my blog. I love knowing my reviews are being put to good use!*

If you don't already know, I suffer from hormonal cystic acne. This means I get huge red angry spots, mainly around my chin and jaw area. Most are deep under the skin but some form into whiteheads (yuk) and all of them leave being red pigmentation marks that take forever to fade! I've been having issues with it since I was 17 years old but it's only in this last year or so that I've learnt how to hide it.

First of all, you need the right products. You don't need a super high coverage foundation (unless you want one!), it's all about the concealer. Now this will need to be fairly high coverage. The type is personal preference really but usually you're better with a pot style concealer, rather than a liquid. However both can work well.

My personal favourites are Trinny London Just a Touch Concealer (available in 14 shades from HERE) and Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer (available in 30 shades from Space NK, Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic UK and USA and This needs to be a perfect match to your skin tone. Nothing draws attention to spots more than them being a shade lighter or darker that the rest of your face.

The second essential products are 2 clean makeup brushes - one for concealer, one for powder. You can't go wrong with Real Techniques brushes in my opinion (available from Boots). They're soft, fluffy and great value! As always make sure you keep your makeup brushes clean by washing them regularly. This is especially important if you suffer from acne as you can make it worse as dirty brushes harbour bacteria, which in turn cause spots. I wash mine using baby shampoo.

The third must have product is a setting powder. This needs to be as finely milled as possible to avoid caking. My favourites are Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (available in 7 shades from Space NK  and Cult Beauty), Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder (available in one shade from Space NK and Cult Beauty) and Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder (available in one shade HERE).

The fourth product that I'd recommend is a colour correcting product in green. Don't be scared to use a green product, if used correctly, you won't end up looking like the Hulk! Green is perfect to counteract redness. It's not an essential though but it definitely helps. I've had best results with a green primer rather than green concealer. I'd recommend Touch in Sol Dark Out Primer in green (available from MMCL London, Debenhams and from May, Boots!) or Erborian CC Red Correct (available from Space NK).

And last but not least, you'll need a foundation, BB / CC cream, tinted moisturiser or whatever you prefer. This is also not an essential product, believe it on not! You'll see why soon!

Now onto the technique! It's all about the technique. I first learnt this after reading The Makeup Manual by Lisa Potter-Dixon. It's a brilliant book, that I highly recommend! It's full of amazing makeup tips. I've also seen a variation of this technique used recently by @bambidoesbeauty who calls it micro-concealing.

So how do we do it?

Step 1 - Prep your skin as normal for applying makeup. By this I mean, make sure your face is clean and preferably moisturised.

Clean face with spots and acne pigmentation!

Step 2 - If you are using a colour correcting green primer, apply this now. This should help neutralise redness. If not, move on to step 3.

Step 3 - If you are using a base (foundation / BB cream etc) apply this now. Apply a thin layer, don't cake it on, this will only highlight your spots! Ensure it's blended in well. If you're not using a base, move on to the next step.

Foundation applied - spots still visible

Step 4 - Now this is where the important stuff happens! Using clean, washed hands (so you don't spread bacteria) apply your concealer on to your spots. Do this by gently dabbing it on to the spot so it covers it and just around it completely. I like to use my fingers to apply the concealer for a number of reasons - it's easy to make sure your hands are clean, you can control the amount applied well and the heat from your fingers helps melt the concealer into your skin.

Apply concealer using clean fingers

Step 5 - Take your concealer brush and very gently buff and blend the edges of your concealer. Because you're using fingers and a small brush, you can be precise and keep the concealer just on the area that you need it. This is why you can go without foundation if you don't want to (a la @bambidoesbeauty). You're focusing just on the problem areas! Blend until you can't make out where the concealer and skin meet.

Blend, blend, blend!

Step 6 - As you're working with such a small area, it's likely that you've uncovered some of your blemish again whilst blending. Don't panic, it happens! Just repeat step 4, adding back a bit of concealer. You probably won't need as much this time. Then repeat step 5. Hopefully now you should be happy with how your spots are covered.

Step 7 - The final step and it's an important one! You must set the concealer so all your hard blending work stays in place. Take your second, clean brush and take the smallest amount of powder and press it very, very gently onto the concealed spots. I suggest using a clean brush because if you use the brush that has concealer on it, the powder can clump up and stick to the concealer. This then makes it hard to apply. This doesn't happen with a clean brush. I find gently dabbing / pressing it onto the area works best as it disturbs the concealer the least. If you brush it on, you risk wiping off your concealer!

Carefully set with powder.

And that's it! I'd usually use a setting spray too but that's purely optional. I hope I've managed to teach you all something new - let me know if you try this technique out! All the products I've recommended are linked.

Completed look - no visible spots! Acne? What acne?!

Cult Beauty Ltd.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Febuary Empties 2019

Space NK UK

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Use of the affiliate links is hugely appreciated and is a great way to support my blog. I love knowing my review's are being put to good use!*

Hi guys! It's empties time again already. If you read last months post, you'll have seen that I'm now giving each product marks out of 10 and saying if I'd buy it again and why. I'm now adding an extra bit on to that by saying if I'd recommend the product or not. I'm wanting to do this as I like to be fair to the products and brands as much as possible. I test a lot of products so there's bound to be plenty that I won't buy again. But that doesn't mean they're bad! They might not suit my skin type or fit my budget. I'm hoping that by reviewing products this way, it'll be more useful to you too! Let me know what you think!

Nura Uplifting Bath and Shower Gel (PR / gifted) - Really lovely shower gel. It has a light, citrusy scent which is uplifting as the name suggests! I loved that this foams up to a really good lather but is still very gentle and hydrating to skin. It leaves skin feeling lovely.
Marks out of 10: 7/10
Do I recommend it? Yes
Would I buy it? Definitely! Just not at the moment as I've got a stash of Christmas smellies to work through!

Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Relax and Relief with Eucalyptus and Spearmint* (Received from Boots Review Panel in exchange for an honest review, usually costs £7.99) - These were rubbish! You got a bit of scent when you first put the salts in the bath but that was it! I used a number of times, increasing the amount used each time to see if it made a difference. It didn't.
Marks Out of 10: 0/10
Do I recommend it? No
Would I buy it? No.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray* (bought myself - costs £18) - I love this lavender scented spray. I use it every night to spray my pillows. It definitely helps me relax and sleep better. 
Marks out of 10: 10/10
Do I recommend it: Yes!
Would I repurchase? I already have!

Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner* (bought myself - costs £16) - This was an ok liner. It was pigmented and the nib was a nice thickness. It was easy to draw a precise line and it dried down quickly. It didn't flake but it did smudge and melt off during the day. 
Marks Out of 10: 5/10
Do I recommend it? No 
Would I buy again? No because it smudged.

Clinique Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask* (won in a giveaway usually costs £16) - I really liked this lip mask. It's super thick, so much so that it's still on when you wake up the following morning! It definitely keeps lips soft and plump. The only downside was that I think it would give me occasional spots at the side of my lips.
Marks out of 10: 7/10.
Do I recommend it? Yes 
Would I buy it again? No because I prefer Laniege Sleeping Lip Mask instead.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix cream* (bought myself, details below) - Wow this cream is gorgeous. It's a really unusual silky, gel type cream that loosens up when you apply it. It's got the same wonderful "spa in a jar" scent as the Pro-Collagen cleansing balm. It's full of amazing ingredients like drone peptides. I found my skin looked brilliant after using this. 
Marks out of 10: 9/10
Do I recommend it? Yes
Would I repurchase? Most definitely! I've actually already got a travel sized tube to go at. The only downside and the reason I gave it 9 not 10 is the price. It's very expensive. (£145 for 50ml!!) However QVC UK often have amazing Elemis deals. I bought this as part of one of them and think it was about £100 for a 30ml cream and other products too. That being said, I do think it's worth the money if you have the budget, it's a fabulous cream.

Tula Purifying Cleanser* (won in a competition - usually costs £22) - This was my favourite AM and 2nd cleanser for quite a while. It's a lovely, jelly texture. I bit like Drunk Elephant Beste No9 but thicker. It's got quite a strong but pleasant fresh scent. I was fine with it but I imagine others wouldn't be. It lathers up really well and leaves skin soft and clean, not stripped. It contains lactic acid to gently exfoliate.
Marks out of 10: 8/10
Do I recommend it? Yes
Would I buy? Yes but not for a while. As it's such a huge tube, I feel like I've been using it forever and have got a bit fed up with it. Fickle I know! 

Sjo Happy Honey Mask (bought myself, costs £42) - What can I say about this mask that hasn't already been said?! It's seriously special. This beauty contains just 6 ingredients, it's like a warm, hug for your face. It calms inflammation, gently exfoliates and leaves skin looking smooth and feeling soft. 
Marks out of 10: 10/10!! This wasn't my fave mask of 2018 for nothing!
Do I recommend it? Yes, to everyone!! 
Will I repurchase? Of course! I already have.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist* (bought myself, costs £15)- This mist might be expensive but it's a little bit of luxury! The scent of it is just heavenly and it's super fine mist is so gentle and hydrating.
Marks out of 10: 8/10 marked down due to price.
Do I recommend it? Yes
Will I buy again? I've already got another travel sized bottle in my stash.

Evy Technology Daily UV Face Mousse* (PR / gifted, usually costs £25 or less if you use my discount code!) - You can read my full review of this beauty HERE but just to recap. This lighter than air, mousse SPF is my favourite SPF for a reason! Use my code TORIA15 for 15% off on Evy Technology's website (website linked, affiliate code).   
Marks out of 10: 10/10 - as I've said, it's my favourite! There's no downside to this SPF.
Do I recommend it? Yes! Always!
Will I buy again? Obviously yes.

Kate Somerville Eradikate Cleanser (bought myself, costs £32, available from Space NK, Cult Beauty and Kate and .com) - I love the Eradikate Blemish Treatment (read my review HERE) so had to try the cleanser from the same range. I'm really undecided as to whether I like this or not. It's a thick cream texture that turns to a light almost mousse like consistency when put onto damp skin. It doesn't smell the best, I'm guessing because of the sulphur. It cleans skin well and doesn't dry my skin out. I'm not sure how much it helped my acne though. One thing that I did like was that as it is really thick, you can apply it like a mask. I used to leave it on whilst I was in the shower. 
Marks out of 10: 5/10 this was a bit meh for me.
Do I recommend it? If you have acne, yes it's worth a try. If not, no.
Would I repurchase? No. I didn't find it an enjoyable cleanser to use either, which for me is really important. If it had helped by acne, I could have looked past that.

Clark's Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask (bought myself, costs £58, sold at Space NK and Clarks -  I've loved this mask! It's a clay mask promises to brighten and purify skin, both of which it does brilliantly. It's the most gentle but effective clay mask I've tried. It's does a great job at controlling oil too without stripping skin.
Marks out of 10: 9/10 - I'm only marking it down by one due to the price, it's not the cheapest. 
Do I recommend it? Yes
Would I buy it again? Definitely! 

 Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner Mist (bought myself, costs £20 for this size 60ml or £33 for 120ml, available from Space NK and - This mist is great for oily skinned types like me, it's hydrating and refreshing and also contains willow bark to help keep pores clear. 
Marks out of 10: 8/10 it definitely helps keep my skin hydrated.
Do I recommend it? Yes
Would I buy it again: Yes!

Tula Illuminating Serum (won in a competition, usually costs £62 and is available from Beauty Bay, QVC UK and their own website - This light, milky serum has been a staple of my AM routine for a while now! It plays well with other products, hydrates skin really well and brightens skin tone. 
Marks Out of 10: 7/10 it does as promised!
Do I recommend it? Yes
Would I buy it? Probably not. As lovely as it is, I can get similar results for less money. 

IGK Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub (got as part of a Christmas set, full size available for £32 from Space NK) - This is my second mini tube of this now and I enjoyed it as much as the first! It's so minty and cooling on your scalp. My only gripe is that it's in a tube. It's so thick that it makes it hard to squeeze out and it blocks the cap so you can't close it properly. It then leaks out! It would be loads better in a tub. I cut the tube so I could get it out better.
Marks out of 10: 9/10 (marked down for the tube issue)
Do I recommend it? Yes. 
Would I buy it again? Most definitely! I love it despite the packaging. 

Paula's Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment Serum (available for £53 from Paula's Choice and Look Fantastic UK and USA)
This serum is my favourite retinol product so far. It's strong and effective. Read my full review HERE.
Marks out of 10: 10/10
Do I recommend it? Yes!
Would I buy it again? Most definitely. 

Ouai Finishing Cream (available from Space NK and Look Fantastic UK and USA for £20)
I got this in a Space NK GWP and I'm glad as I would never have bought a cream hair product. I usually love serums instead. First of all this smells amazing. It smells classy and expensive. It's such a light cream, it weighs hair down enough so that it's not all over the place but not too much that it makes it lank. It really does just finish hair off and leave it looking sleeker and polished. It's amazing. As you can see I've cut the tube to get every last bit out!
Marks out of 10: 10!!
Would I recommend it: Yes
Will I rebuy it? Of course!

 Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum (received as part of a GWP, the writing has rubbed off the bottle, available from Look Fantastic UK and USA and Boots and loads of other places! Price dependant on size but usually about £55 for 30ml) - What can I say about ANR that hasn't already been said?! It's the OG, the very first serum ever! How amazing is that? It's a brilliant light runny gel consistency that absorbs well without being sticky. It plumps skin really well. It's a great every day (night) serum.
Marks out of 10: 8/10 it does what it promises!
Do I recommend it? Yes.
Will I buy it again? No. Only because I marginally prefer Clarins Double Serum. But if I ever got a bottle in a GWP again I'd be pleased.

Tula Volume Defence Deep Wrinkle Serum (won in a competition, usually costs £78 available from Beauty Bay, QVC UK and
Another gorgeous serum from Tula. It's light and milky, easily absorbed. You can feel the tell tale Retinol tingle when applied but I'm not sure of the actual strength of it. I'd class it as a maintenance Retinol serum, perfect for everyday use. 
Marks out of 10: 7/10
Would I recommend it? Yes it's a lovely serum that works as expected.
Will I repurchase? No. I prefer stronger retinol serums personally and the odd maintenance one that I do use, is much better value than this. 

I've also has a huge clear out of my makeup this month, passing on what I could, but mostly binning as it's past it's best. I'm not going to review everything as we'd be here all day but if there's anything in the photos below that you want more info on - just ask!

And that's it for this month! Thanks for reading. 

Cult Beauty Ltd.
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