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Saturday 1 September 2018

Commleaf Products Review


Commleaf are a Korean skincare brand who’s motto is “Rest in Nature”. They use natural ingredients in their skincare range. I was kindly sent the following products by Commleaf to review.

AHA Green Tea Peeling Liquid sheet masks - I was so intrigued by this product - I’ve not used an acid sheet mask before, or a sheet mask that you soak yourself! This set comes with 4 sheet masks and more than enough liquid to soak them in. The mask is designed to gently exfoliate your face whilst soothing and hydrating. The AHA acids used are a blend of 5 botanical extracts. It also includes green tea extract to soothe and a patented ingredient called BSASM which is a natural complex of 7 botanicals which is an anti inflammatory. The mask itself soaked up the liquid easily and fit well. It was very cooling thanks to the peppermint fragrance. I found this really unusual, it was an odd sensation. I didn’t feel an acid tingle which confirmed that it’s a fairly gentle acid. I left the mask on for the recommended time of 2-3 minuets. After removal my skin still felt cool due to the  mint. It looked visibly hydrated and felt smooth. 

Rose Blooming Mist - designed to hydrate skin and lock in moisture, whilst controlling sebum. I’ve been spritzing this in the day a lot due to the warm weather. It’s been a saviour! It’s a light rose fragrance.
It definitely helps cut through any oil which is a big bonus for me!

Rose Moisture Pads - These are meant to be used before applying makeup to hydrate skin and ensure the makeup applies better. They contain rose water and propolis extract which are designed to calm skin. The pads are textured - not rough but bobbly. They’re incredibly soaked with product. Because of this I’ve been using these as a toner step as it does seem right to apply something so wet on top of a cream?! Maybe just me. I can confirm that they definitely hydrate and plump skin. 

Rose Sleeping Mask - this gel is packed full of amazing ingredients including 70% rose centifolia flower water, Niacinamide and Centella. It’s designed to be applied on a night and promises to replenish lost moisture to leave skin glowing and hydrated by morning! Sounds great, right?! I was really excited to try this product as sleeping masks are all the rage at the minute and I’d not gotten round to trying one! I wasn’t really sure where to use this in my routine - as a serum step or as a moisturiser? I settled on using it as a last step as I wanted to gauge how hydrating it was. Texture wise it’s a light, refreshing gel that doesn’t really have a fragrance. It applied really smoothly and absorbed super fast. If fact it soaked in so quickly and completely, I almost wanted to apply a second layer! It leaves skin looking hydrated and actually quite matte. It actually plumped my skin up enough that my usually very visible pores on my cheeks were vastly reduced. Impressive! I expected there to be a bit of a residue or tackiness but there was none. It was almost like I’d not applied it! Now trust me to be different but I actually prefer using this as part of my AM routine, rather than my PM one. I know it’s a sleeping mask but for me it’s too light to be used on a night, unless I layer it with other products. Whereas it’s perfect as part of my AM routine as it’s light, hydrating and leaves skin prepped and matte ready for makeup!

Green Tea Oil Blotting Paper - Now I was thrilled to get these as my skin get incredibly oily throughout the day. I always have a pack of blotting paper in my handbag for emergency touch ups throughout the day. I prefer to blot the oil, then apply a bit of powder to set my makeup again. These work brilliantly to soak up oil and have the added antioxidant benefits of the green tea extract too! Bonus! 

In conclusion I’ve enjoyed using these products and would definitely recommend them. Have you tried anything from Commleaf? 

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