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Tuesday 21 April 2020

Dr Roebuck's Ningaloo Serum Review

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Space NK UK 
I'm coming to the end of the bottle of this beautiful blue serum so thought it was time for a review! Dr Roebuck's are an Australian brand that pride themselves on creating "clean", cruelty free, Vegan, fair trade products that are gentle to skin yet effective.

Ningaloo contains only 6 ingredients but don't think that makes it basic - it's one of the most elegant formulas I've ever used. The main ingredients are:
  • Copper Peptide - this gives the serums is dreamy blue colour. It's an antioxidant that helps skin to produce more collagen which in turn gives us younger, plumper skin. 
  • Two types of Hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrate skin. 
  • Banksia flower extract to nourish and smooth skin. 
The serum itself is the most lightweight hyaluronic serum I've come across. It's almost as thin as water so it absorbs quickly and easily. There's no stickiness or tackiness to it at all. I've not had any pilling issues either, which is always an important factor for me. It has a metallic scent to it, thanks to the copper peptide. I don't find it an unpleasant scent and it doesn't linger. I find that the serum hydrates my skin well but aside from that, I've not seen any other effects from it. However it's not always easy to measure the effects of peptides, as you don't always realise that they're making you look more well rested than usual. You often only notice a difference when you stop using the product. 

As it stands as much as I enjoy using this serum, it's unlikely that I'll repurchase it unless I see a noticeable difference in my skin when I stop using it. I think that if you have greater anti-aging concerns than I do, you may see a bigger improvement. I'd certainly say it's worth a try as it's a lovely serum to use.

Dr Roebuck's Ningaloo is available from Space NK and Cult Beauty for £55. 
Cult Beauty Ltd.

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