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Wednesday 23 May 2018

Juvia’s Place Magic Palette

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I’m pretty late to the party when it comes to Juvia’s Place. I’ve seen countless photos of their eyeshadow palettes and read loads of glowing reviews but it didn’t prepare me for how stunning their products actually were! The packaging is so pretty and more importantly, sturdy. I was shocked at how big the palette was! It’s huge!  

After much deliberation I chose the Magic palette*. I went with this one as there’s a distinct lack of non-neutral shades in my eyeshadow collection. I think the colours in this are still fairly wearable, without being too bright.  Seriously though - look at them! Heart eyes or what?! Even my husband agreed it looked amazing and that’s saying something! 😂 There’s a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. The pan sizes are generous too.

I ordered this from Juvia’s Place website which meant shipping from USA. They had a free shipping offer on at the time. I’d seen it shared on Instagram that it included customs fees too, so I thought I was getting a bargain. Sadly this wasn’t the case 😂 My own fault! I should have checked first. Luckily it cost me the same as it would have if I’d have bought from Beauty Bay (a UK stockist), I just had to wait a couple of weeks to get it! But believe me, it’s worth the wait! These swatches speak for themselves. I’ve been using the palette for the last week and have created some gorgeous looks with it.  All the shadows are extremely pigmented and buttery soft. They’re very similar to Kat Von D’s Metal Crush eyeshadows in both texture and payoff. Let’s just say, I’m in love! This definitely won’t be my last order from Juvia’s Place. 

Have you bought anything from Juvia’s Place before?



  1. I love this palette too, juvias place palettes are amazing pigment ��


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