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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Rodial - What I’ve tried so far...

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I've only recently started using Rodial products. The first Rodial product I tried, came in the Founders gift set from Space NK. It was the Vit C Brightening Mask*. The mask contains 5% Vitamin C and a blend of 10% AHA acids and promises to leave skin brightened and evened. The mask is a clear gel like consistency, that applies smoothly. It smells gorgeous - sweet and fruity.  It's designed to be left on for 15-20 mins then washed off. I've loved using this mask, it definitely leaves skin glowing after use. It's gentle too, I've had no irritation from it.
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After the success of the Vit C mask I wanted to try some other Rodial products and I'd seen online that they have an outlet section on their website. It was there I found and bought the "Hero Collection" set which contains four of their best selling products.

The set includes the Stem Cell Cleanser*, Super Acids X-treme acid rush peel mask, Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel* and Bee Venom Moisturiser*. Some odd sounding names, right?! My order also came with a couple of samples too.

So what do I think of these products?

Stem Cell Cleanser* - a beautiful, thick, rich cream cleanser that removes makeup brilliantly. It's packed with ingredients like Rose Hip Oil to nourish and protect dehydrated skin. It's gentle around the eyes. It's got a soft, floral fragrance. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soothed. It's a really lovely cleanser, that I'll certainly buy again. It can also be left on longer and used as a mask for a bit of a treat! For me this is a PM first cleanse product.

Super Acids X-treme mask - now you all know I love acid products so I was pleased to see this contains not one, but three different types of acid! It's got glycolic, lactic and one that's not used as often, but that I love, azelaic. It also contains Probiotics which gives it another gold star from me. The peel is designed to be left on for 10-15 mins then washed off. It's the same consistency and scent as the Vit C mask. I've found it a fairly gentle acid product, it brightens skin well but isn't harsh.

Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel* - now I had a love / hate relationship with this product! It promises to sculpt and define skin and reduce redness and inflammation. Scent wise it's lovely, very similar to the Super Acid scent, sweet and light. Texture wise, it's very unique. It's a gel and super smooth. This is down to it containing silicone which I know some people love the texture of, whilst others hate. I personally don't mind products with silicone in them. Now this gives a great finish on your skin, it looks plumped and pore free. But there was one problem, it pilled when I applied my makeup. Now I know I can't expect all products to work well together but I hate pilling! I tried a number of different primers and foundations and had the same issue every time. So I used the rest of the product up in my evening routines only, where it performed beautifully! So for me this one was a fail, as it was a product I wanted to use in the morning and wasn't able to. But don't let that put you off, as it really was good!

Bee Venom Cream* - this was love at first use! It promises to plump and smooth lines and wrinkles  and improve skins elasticity. It's very rich in texture but surprisingly light and easily absorbed. Very delicately scented. I could use this AM and PM but I prefer to use it PM. Will definitely re-buy.

Now because I loved the Bee Venom so much when I saw that the Bee Venom Day Cream SPF 30* was on offer, I had to buy it! And the Super Acids Exfoliating pads as they were a steal!

The Bee Venom Day cream SPF 30* has all the great features of the OG version, its just slightly lighter textured and contains SPF. I've loved using it, although I did have one issue of pilling but that was because I'd used an oil product prior to application - not a good idea!

The Super Acids Exfoliating pads are really convenient as they are pre-soaked. They contain Salicylic acid (my favourite!) to exfoliate and apple amino acids to hydrate skin. They smell fruity / apple like too. I've not felt an acid tingle when applying them so don't think they're particularly strong. So they're perfect for daily use.

So that's all the Rodial products I've tried so far! Are there any you like the sound of? Or are there any you recommend that I try?

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  1. I’ve only tried the Super acids xtreme peel mask. I really love how soft my skin is afterwards! Apart from that I’ve tried the Dragons blood cleansing water and their Dragons blood Hyaluronic mist. Loved both but decided not to reorder through wanting to try other products! Great post xx


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