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Friday 14 September 2018

Green Keratin Review

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Green Keratin are a British company that produce natural skincare. They promise to produce high quality, ethical, organic and lovingly handmade products - which personally I love! They ensure to keep their skincare free from:

  • Parabens,
  • Methylisothiazolinone,
  • SLS & SLES,
  • E.A, D.E.A, Silicones and Formaldehyde
  • Artificial fragrances and artificial colouring.
Their products are all cruelty free and have been ethically sourced from local suppliers. Everything is done in house to ensure the integrity of the products, from research, testing, to bottling up and shipping out! All the products are created in small batches to control the quality. Green Keratin products are also very reasonably priced too, which I'm sure you'll agree is always a bonus!

So, onto the products. I was generously given 6 products to try out - Bionud Makeup Primer, Cactus + B5 Neck Elasticity Fluid, Precious Cacay Timeless Oil Elixir, Q10 Plus E Oil Complex Night Elixir, Prickly Pear Oil and Green Tea Oil.

I'm splitting my review into two posts, each covering 3 products, mainly because I like to give everything a good test before writing a review and can only test a couple of oils at a time! Believe me, it's killed me to not opening them all straight away!

Bionud Makeup Primer - this primer is one of Green Keratin's latest products and costs £15.95 for 30ml. This primer promises to help keep makeup in place all day, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines. It contains a Honeysuckle Complex which keeps skin hydrated and looking young. The primer itself it quite unusual as it's a serum consistency rather than your traditional gel or cream. I liked this as it felt part of my skincare routine. I found I only needed one big drop of primer to cover my entire face. If leaves skin looking hydrated and plumped - a perfect canvas for makeup.

Now my skin type is combination / very oily / acne prone so I'm always wary of trying new products. This primer is designed to not clog pores which is a huge bonus for me! I use a number of different foundations, depending on how a feel on the day or what state my skin is in! I've found that not all primers work with all foundations as it depends on their ingredients (some are water based, some silicone based etc). I tried this primer with a number of different foundations (approx. 5/6) and it worked brilliantly with all but one! Which I think is pretty good going. I've got other primers that only work with one particular foundation.

I've found that Bionud has made a great base as my foundation applies smoothly and evenly over the top of it. It's definitely helped keep my skin hydrated throughout the day.  Having properly hydrated skin helps ensure my makeup stays looking good. It didn't have any effect on my oiliness, it was no better or worse than usual, but it hadn't claimed to help that.

The one foundation that it didn't work with was my Clinique Anti-Blemish foundation - it caused pilling. For me, this isn't a big issue. I swap between different foundations and primers each day, depending on my mood! I keep track of which primers and foundations work well together and which don't. It's very rare to have a primer work well with every single one!

All in all I think this is a great all round primer, especially if you are looking for continued hydration throughout the day.

Cactus + B5 Neck Elasticity Fluid - This serum is designed to be used day and night and claims to visibly improve crepe paper texture and creases around the neck and also to firm the neck area. It contains Cactus Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, Frankincense and Myrrh oils which work together to strengthen collagen fibres in your skin. You get a 30ml bottle for £15.95.

Now I suffer pretty badly with "tech neck" - deep lines across my neck from looking down at my phone all the time. Yep it's a thing! Now I wish I had taken a before picture as this serum has really made a difference! The lines on my neck are definitely less pronounced and not as deep.

The serum itself is a fabulous light consistency, which for me is preferable to other neck creams as they can usually be heavy and greasy. It absorbs quickly when rubbed in. leaving no tackiness so it's easy to slot it into your morning routine as well evening. The fantastic visible results are certainly enough for me to keep using this serum daily. I'm very impressed!

Precious Cacay Timeless Facial Oil Elixir - This oil is designed to boost skins condition and target fine lines and ageing. The main ingredient - Precious Cacay oil is a bit of a super star ingredient. It contains large amounts of Vitamin E and three times more Retinol that Rosehip Oil. Impressive! It also contains Camellia Oil which is an antioxidant, Tomato Seed Oil which gives us essential fatty acids, Brorage oil and Damask Rose Otto oil. This oil is available in two sizes - 30ml for £21.95 and 50ml for £29.95. Great value when you think of the amazing ingredients!

I've been using this oil either on it's own or mixed into my moisturiser. First of all, it smells beautiful! It's a lovely, delicate rose scent. For me, if an oil smells nice, it makes it even more of a pleasure to use!  Texture wise it's a middle weight oil, not too heavy but not particularly light either. It absorbs well and doesn't leave skin greasy or heavy feeling. When mixed into a cream, this works really well just to add a bit of richness. 

I've found this to be the perfect oil to keep my skin looking plumped and healthy!

And that's it for part 1 of my Green Keratin reviews, stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon! In the mean time, if you're looking for a new natural skincare brand that gives results - check Green Keratin out!

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