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Tuesday 11 September 2018

Wow You Beauty Review

Wow You Beauty are a new British skincare brand that have literally exploded onto Instagram recently! Their cute and funky packaged products have become a common place feature on my feed. So who are Wow You Beauty? As I've mentioned they're based in the UK. They produce high quality cruelty free, natural skincare. The name Wow You Beauty came about because their products make you go Wow! at how amazing your skin is looking! The brand are all about self care and want their products to make you feel good about yourself. A lovely ethos, I'm sure you'll agree.

I'd been following Wow You Beauty's Instagram account and keeping track of when their products were going to be on sale. Each post made me more and more excited to see what this brand was going to release! They starting posting about their products and going into great detail about what was in them and what this would do for your skin. I love this level of detail. The brand quickly built up a rapport with their followers, answering any questions people might have about the upcoming products. Once all the details about the products had been released, I enquired about which products would be best for my acne prone / oily / combo skin. I received a detailed reply back straight away, not only telling me which products would be best but why they were right for my skin type!

So the day of the launch came and I rushed to order some of the recommended products. I was so quick, I later learnt I was Wow You Beauty's first customer! Such an honour!

Now onto the products. Some of the products have been purchased by myself, some were kindly given by Wow You Beauty or have been part of an offer they had on.

Tropic Like It's Hot Scrub - This scrub has it all! It contains AHA and BHA acids as well as super fine natural physical exfoliant, ground pumice. These three work super hard to get rid of any dead skin cells, to reveal soft, glowing skin! The scrub also contains Vitamin C and pineapple to brighten skin. The scrub itself is a lovely rich cream texture, with fine grit. It's designed to be used either as a cleanser or after cleansing and can be left on for a few minutes as a mini mask, so its versatile! It got a sweet, fruity scent. I'd class myself as being a fairly seasoned acid user and this gives a reassuring tingle when massaged into dry skin, so you know it's doing it's job! After rinsing, it leaves my skin super soft and smooth! This has quickly become one of my favourite acid products and I have to stop myself from using it too often in case I compromise my skin barrier!

Super Serum - Wow You Beauty only make one serum and they only need to because this serum truly lives up to it's name! This amazing serum has it all - rosehip oil to even skin tone and help acne scarring, anti-inflammatory blueberry that's also antibacterial, famed antioxidant Centella, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and argon oil to balance sebum production. All that in one serum! Super Serum is a fabulous consistency too, it's a light gel that melts into skin and absorbs so well, it's like it was never there! Well except that your skin looks plumper! And the scent - you all know how I obsess over skincare scents - well Super Serum smells like heaven! It's a light floral fragrance. I've used this serum with a number of other serums and creams and it's worked brilliantly with all of them! No pilling whatsoever! This will definitely always be a staple in my skincare collection from now on.

Ready To Glow moisturiser - This moisturiser is great for acne prone skin like mine as it contains grapeseed oil to rebalance oily skin and hibiscus to refine pores. It also contains Centella Asiatica which is a brilliant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, Vitamin C to brighten and rice bran which is hidden gem nourishing ingredient. This cream is an absolutely gorgeous texture - it's rich and extremely hydrating but still manages to be super light! And it smells amazing, a beautiful light floral scent. It's particularly great to use in a morning as it gives skin such a good finish, ready for putting makeup on. I've found it keeps my skin hydrated all day and definitely helps control  my oil production. After this performing so well, I'm looking forward to trying out Wow You Beauty's night cream, Woke Up Like This.

Mask and Chill mask - This mask is designed for sensitive and acne prone skin, so again is great for my skin type. The mask is a detoxifying mud mask that contains charcoal and liquorice root to calm skin and draw out any impurities and oil, without drying skin out. This mask has been a such a saviour for me! My acne is a bit of a nightmare at times and this really helps to calm it down. I've found is a perfect morning mask as it helps reduce the oil from my skin without stripping it like some masks can. My skin looks so refined after using this, it's amazing!

Babe Butter in Coconut - I'm a sucker for anything coconut so quickly fell head over heels for this body cream! This body butter is packed full of amazing ingredients like coffee which firms skin and helps reduce the look of cellulite, antioxidant Vitamin C which stimulates collagen production and little known superstar ingredient pumpkin seed oil which is full of fatty acids to improve skin tone. The cream itself is just an absolutely stunning texture. It's light but rich as so easily absorbed leaving skin feeling amazingly soft and smooth and not greasy at all. The fragrance is just gorgeous too, a perfect blend of coffee and coconut, which go so well together! Such a stunning cream.

Sugar Lips in Coconut - Sticking with the coconut theme! I've always loved a good lip scrub and used to use the ones from Lush but always found them a bit too coarse. This scrub from Wow You Beauty contains the perfect amount of fine sugar, encapsulated in sweet almond and jojoba oil. This heavenly mix leaves my lips feeling super soft and smooth. It tastes pretty good too!

Lip Butter macaroon in yep you guessed it...Coconut!! This lip butter is bursting with nourishing ingredients like peach kernel oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and avocado butter which all work together to moisturise lips and leave them kissable and soft! This is the perfect partner to use after Sugar Lips. The coconut scent it just lovely.

And that's my Wow You Beauty collection so far! As you can tell I'm hugely impressed by all the products, especially for the price. Did I mention the prices?! They're such good value and definitely won't break the bank. It just means I can buy more or the range!!

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