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Saturday 24 November 2018

Medik8 Crystal Retinal 6 Serum Review

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Medik8 are a British brand that were set up after the founder Elliot Isaacs developed an anti-redness serum for his sister, after nothing else on the market worked for her. Isaacs believes in science driven skincare that gives results. This is where Medik8's anti-aging philosophy comes in "Vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, and Vitamin A by night" or CSA for short. Medik8 believe that by sticking to their simple CSA regime, you will protect your skin in the best possible way, meaning that your skin will look younger for longer. The practice of CSA is now widely known and scientifically backed up.

So when Medik8 contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of their products that fit into the CSA routine, I of course said yes please! I received C-Tetra Vitamin C serum, Advanced Day Total Protect SPF 30 moisturiser and Crystal Retinal 6 serum. Now I've not opened the Vitamin C serum yet as I've got others that need to be used up first but I've been regularly using the SPF and the Retinal serum.

Medik8 are at the forefront of Vitamin A research and discoveries. We all know Vitamin A is the gold standard ingredient for anti-aging! It helps reduce wrinkles and keeps skin looking smooth. Crystal Retinal 6 is one of their latest innovations. Retinal is a powerful version of Vitamin A, it's able to produce the same results as Retinol but up to 11 times faster. It's not only quicker but it's also not as much of an irritant so it's more gentle on you skin, meaning less chance of peeling and sensitivity. Aside from the Retinal is also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Glycerin to hydrate skin and leave it looking youthful and plump. It also boosts Collagen production. Sounds amazing, right?! The serum itself is housed in a air-tight tube with a pump dispenser, ensuring that the serum stays fresh. It's a light, cream consistency which is hydrating and quickly absorbed. It smells lovely too, vanilla and Tonka bean. The serum has worked brilliantly with all products I've used alongside it. There's been no pilling issues as all.

As I'm in my early 30's, when fine lines and wrinkles usually start to appear, it's the perfect time for me to be using Vitamin A products. As I also suffer with acne, it's a perfect product for me to use. Vitamin A helps the skin cells turn over quicker which in turn stops pores getting blocked, which in turn causes spots. Now I'm fairly lucky in that I don't have many lines and wrinkles at the moment. My main problem areas are my frown lines I between my eyebrows (apparently I frown a lot without realising) and lines on my forehead (I have expressive eyebrows lol). Since using this serum the lines in these areas have definitely been reduced, which is always a good sign! When my acne has flared up, I've used this serum to help get rid of the spots quicker and to reduce scarring. It's worked really well this way. I've also had no irritation or peeling when using it, so I've been able to use it regularly.

In summary I've been really impressed with this serum and will definitely purchase it in the future. You can buy Crystal Retinal 6 serum for £59 (or sometimes less if it's on offer!) from Skin City HERE.  They also sell a number of other Vitamin A products including Crystal Retinal 1, 3 and 10 which is a weaker and stronger versions of this serum. It great to have a range of strengths depending on your needs and tolerance!

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