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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Collagen Supplements Review

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I was lucky enough to be sent a few different types of collagen supplements to try over the last few months so I thought it was time to let you know my thoughts on them!

So what is collagen and why do we need more of it? Collagen is basically the glue that holds us together. Collagen production starts to rapidly decline as we age, usually from when we reach our thirties (i.e. ME!!). Taking Collagen supplements will help keep skin plump and supple, it will help repair our joints and give up thicker hair and stronger nails. Sounds amazing right?

Since taking Collagen supplements the biggest change I have seen is to my nails. They are so much stronger and are growing longer as a consequence. They're snapping less and are just all round better! My hair is in great condition too so much so that my hairdresser commented on it. Skin wise I've not noticed a difference but I think this area will probably be the least obvious, especially as I use serums / creams etc. I've been impressed enough to continue taking them daily.

I've tried out 4 different types of Collagen supplements from 2 different brands. I'll give pros and cons to each one.

LQ Liquid Health Supplements* - These come pre-mixed in individual bottles of fruit flavoured liquid. You get 10 bottles for £29.99 and you take 1 bottle per day, so that's a 10 day supply at £3 per day. Each "shot" contains a whopping 7000mg of marine collagen, Hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, selenium, resveratrol and Vitamins C, E and B7 so you're getting a lot for your money. The drink itself is fairly pleasant, although it does have a slight fishy scent and aftertaste. It is marine collagen after all! I'm not a fish lover and I don't find it a problem. These are super convenient and easy to take. 

Bioglan Beauty Collagen Powder* - This powder comes in a 151g tub for £29.99 and you use one 5g scoop per day so you're getting a 30 day supply for £1 a day. 5g gives you 5000mg of Collagen and also Vitamin C, Biotin and Selenium. This is by far the cheapest option but it's also the hardest to take, for me anyway. The powder can be mixed into smoothies, soup, protein shakes or with a bit of warm water, then into any drink. The powder itself is super fine and easily gets everywhere! I wouldn't take this on it's own or mixed into a cup of tea as it does have that slightly fishy taste. I did however find a brilliant way to take it and that was mixed into a cup of hot chocolate. I would add the powder to the hot chocolate powder and mix with a bit of milk then add hot water. Perfect! Plus this way I couldn't taste the powder. But as I don't drink hot chocolate every day, it was easy to forget to take it. If you're a daily smoothie / shake drinker then this is the option for you!

Bioglan Beauty Collagen Strawberry Gummies -  These are 60 for £18.99 and are recommended to take 2-5 per day. If you take 2 per day it's a 30 day supply for 63p per day. 2 gummies gives you 1000mg of Collagen and also Vitamin C, Biotin and Selenium. The gummies themselves taste nice but do smell a bit fishy. These are really quick and easy to take and if like me you have a sweet tooth, you get a sugar fix too! These I bought myself to compare and I would buy them again.

Bioglan Beauty Collagen Effervescent Tablets* - These are raspberry flavoured tablets that dissolve in water. You get 20 tablets for £8.99 and you take 2 tablets per day so that's a 10 day supply at 90p a day. 2 tablets gives you 1000mg of Collagen and also Vitamin C, Biotin and Selenium. They take a minute or two to disolve. The resulting drink tastes lovely, with no fishy aftertaste or smell. These were sent as PR but I've since purchased more myself.

I think it all depends on your lifestyle and what you want out of the supplement as to which you go for. I'd recommend all of the above! For me personally, I prefer the Effervescent tablets and the gummies and have had great results on taking 1000mg a day.  This may change as I get older and require a higher dose. I'd say these are the best option if you're in your 30's and want to give Collagen supplements a try.

If you're looking for convenience and a super high dosage with the added benefits of Hyaluronic Acid - I'd say your best choice is LQ Liquid Health. I'll certainly buy them in the future when I need a higher dosage of Collagen!

If you drink daily smoothies or shakes or are looking for a cheaper option, then the powder is for you!

There are plenty of other Collagen supplements out there in different forms like tablets, it's just finding what works for you! Hopefully my reviews might help you decide which type are best for you. All of these are available from Holland and Barrett (products linked, not affiliated, just a hyperlink.)

*PR / gifted by brand but all thoughts and opinions my own.

*This post contains affiliate adverts.


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