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Monday 28 January 2019

Trinny London - VeeBee, Lady J & The Rocketman Collection


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You all know how much I love Trinny London* makeup so you can imagine how happy I was to be sent their newest products to try! There has been two releases - The Rocketman stack which is 4 new Eye2Eye eyeshadow shades and then more recently, two new Lip2Cheek shades. As always with Trinny London*, the products arrive in a gorgeous bright yellow box. I keep these - they make fantastic storage as they're so sturdy, plus they look good! I love opening each shiny silver box - I'm like a kid in a sweet shop!

So, onto the products - lets look at the Rocketman Collection first! These shades have a distinct Ziggy Stardust feel to them - with names like Mystery*, Chalice*, Faith* and Moon*, they're out of this world! (Groan - sorry lol) They're shimmery but still very wearable. I've been lusting after these since Christmas when they were released. 

  • Chalice* is an absolute beauty! Such a unique lilac / deep silver pairing that really compliments my eye colour. 
  • Moon* is my personal favourite from this collection. It's a warm, pale silver with a light shimmer that catches the light just right. This one will be getting lots of use!
  • Faith* is the darkest shade of the collection. It's a rich dark neutral brown with a subtle bronze shimmer that is perfect for a smoky eye. This shade and Mystery are outside of my Match2Me colour matches. It's the first time I've done this.
  • Mystery* is a light brown shade with a light gold shimmer. It's a perfect everyday shade with just that little bit of extra something. 
Left to Right - Mystery, Faith, Moon and Chalice.

Shades Top to Bottom - Rocketman Collection: Chalice, Moon, Faith and Mystery.
Lip2Cheek Shades - Lady J and VeeBee

Now onto the newest Lip2Cheek shades. Lip2Cheek are as their name suggest, a duel use product that is both blusher and lipstick. It's a great way to pull a look together.
  • Lady J* is a light peachy nude. This shade perks up a look without it being too bright. It light but doesn't wash you out, which is rare for a pale nude!
  • VeeBee* is a dark, rich coral that is a wonderful everyday shade. Both of these shades are in my Match2Me recommendations. 
Left / Bottom - VeeBee. Right / Top - Lady J.

What do you think to these new shades? Have you tried Trinny London* yet?

*Products kindly gifted by Trinny London with no expectation for me to write a review. This gift does not effect my opinions in any way, they are all by own and as always, honest.

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