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Thursday 20 June 2019

Medik8 Peels at Beauty At The Gate

I was lucky enough to have been invited recently to a local beauty salon, Beauty At The Gate, for a Medik8 facial. Beauty At The Gate is a multi-award winning beauty salon in Holton-Le-Clay (a small village right next to my home town of Grimsby). They won UK Salon of the Year in 2016. They offer a large array of beauty treatments - from waxing to 3D lipo! They were the first in the area to offer LVL lashes, Lycon Waxing and Medik8, to name but a few. They pride themselves on offering the latest beauty treatments in a luxurious, comfortable setting.

Upon arrival I was welcomed by Samantha, the owner, who discussed with me in depth my skin type, current skincare routine and what my skincare concerns were. After this, she recommended that I have a course of 4 Medik8 Light Peel's, at 2 week intervals as an intensive treatment to tackle my acne and acne pigmentation. The Light Peel is a starter peel, that's perfect for acne prone skin and those with light wrinkles. It contains the following acids - 7% Lactic, 8% Mandelic, 2% Salicylic, 0.4% Lactobionic (I had to look this one up as I'd not heard of it before. It's derived from sugar) and has a pH of 2.8. It's designed to reduce excess sebum, fade light scarring and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for me!

Each peel starts with a thorough double cleanse, then an alcohol treatment to prepare the skin for the acid. Then the acid is applied. For the first peel it was left on for 3 minutes, then neutralised. This is to ensure you're not overdoing it, especially for those who are new to acids. The subsequent peels times are increased up to a maximum of 10 minutes depending on how long you feel comfortable for / how well your skin reacts. As I'm a seasoned acid user, I was fine having it on for 10 minutes from peel 2 onwards. If you've not had a peel before, be prepared - they do sting a bit! It's not unbearable, it's very tingly more than anything. All of this is extremely closely monitored by the beauty therapist, who checks often what your discomfort level is on a scale of 1-10. If you get to 7, they will remove the acid by spraying on a neutralising liquid. This increases the tingling initially, before calming it. This is why they stop at 7, not 10! Cooling, damp flannels are then applied to your face and order is restored. I found that after the 5 minute mark, I didn't feel any tingling anyway, so it wasn't bad at all.

Beauty At The Gate add an extra treat onto this peel and that's to have 10 minutes with a Light Fusion LED mask on. Light Fusion uses state of the art red LED's and is worn in conjunction with a special Hydrogel sheet mask. LED's help promote collagen and elastin production and the sheet mask gives you plenty of hydration, making it a perfect combination for after a peel. Once this has finished, the beauty therapist applies a hydrating serum (Medik8 B5) and a moisturising, occlusive cream to lock everything in (and SPF if it's still daylight). And that's it!

So are you ready to see some before and afters? Excuse the extreme close-ups but it's better to see the results. Left side is before, right is after.

As you can see it's really helped fade my acne pigmentation around my chin, mouth and jaw-line. Annoyingly I've gained some fresh pigmentation from new spots but that's to be expected! My acne is certainly more under control now and I believe the peels have played a big part in that. I'm super pleased with the results and plan to have regular peels to continue the good work. I'll have to have a bit of a break before my next one though, as I need my annual microblading top up for my brows. I will hopefully be moving up to the next strength of peel when I do have it, which will give even better effects.

Huge thank you to Sam and the girls at Beauty at the Gate for the fantastic facials and pampering. I've loved every minute of it and the results speak for themselves! You've definitely gained a regular customer. If you're in the Grimsby area - make sure you check them out!

(Facials kindly gifted by Beauty at the Gate in return for an honest review - all thoughts and opinions are my own.)
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