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Monday 29 July 2019

Priori Tetra fx250 SPF 45 Review

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I was lucky enough to win this SPF in a giveaway hosted by @the.wrinkle.phobic - I was so pleased as I'd had my eye on it for a while! Priori are an innovative brand that have created a range of products the can be tailored to suit each individuals needs. They recognise that we all have different skincare requirements so their products are designed to adapt to what we need.

What makes this sunscreen special is that it provides four levels of protection -
  • Broad spectrum UV filters to prevent sun damage,
  • DNA Enzyme complex which reduces pollution damage,
  • High Intensity Radiation Complex which protects against Infared and blue light damage,
  • Antioxidant Complex which helps reduce damage caused by free radicals. 
Priori calls this combination of protection GPF, which stands for Genetic Protection Factor. 

Tetra fx250 is a mineral or physical SPF, containing titanium dioxide zinc oxide. It also contains a number of ingredients that protect against free radical damage, like Sepia Melanin, Carnosine and Soliberine.

Consistency wise, it's what I'd described as a lotion. It's extremely light. It absorbs into your skin beautifully. One thing I love is that it has a colour guide - it's a grey / white colour so you can see where you've applied it. This ensures that you don't miss a spot. Despite it's colour, it doesn't leave a white / ashy cast at all. The only thing I'm not particularly keen on is the scent. I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like but it's not particularly pleasant. However, the scent dissipates instantly as the SPF is absorbed, so it's not an issue. I particularly like that is doesn't feel heavy or like it's smothering my skin. A lot of mineral sunscreens feel heavy when first applied - this just feels like a moisturiser! I've not had any issues of pilling either, which is often a problem with mineral SPF's. It's perfect to wear under makeup. One other downside is the price - it's pretty steep at £75. However, when it comes to skincare budgets, it's subjective. This is a really great SPF that gives you superior protection - which makes it a winner in my book!

Priori Tetra fx250 SPF 45 is available from Priori Skincare HERE and Skin City HERE.

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