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Saturday 21 September 2019

Victoria Beckham Beauty - First Impressions & Swatches

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As soon as I heard that Victoria Beckham was releasing her own beauty line - I knew I had to have it! I'd always regretted not getting her collaboration with Estee Lauder as the products were right up my street. There was no way I was going to miss out this time! Victoria's first launch for the brand is focussing on eyes and consists of 4 x quad eyeshadow palettes called Smoky Eye Bricks costing £48 each, 4 x Lid Lustre shimmer / glitter eyeshadows costing £28 each and 3 x Satin Kajal Liners costing £20 each. The liners include a sharpener too. 

I was a bit late placing my order, an hour after the products had launched. Luckily everything was still in stock! I chose one of each product. I was really torn between the Smoky Eye Bricks - my initial choice was Tuxedo, which is cool grey / brown neutrals. These are safe colours for me and ones I always fall back to. However I kept gravitating towards Royal, which is blues / greys. It's the sort of colours that I love (blue obvs) but rarely dare to wear! I decided to throw caution to the wind and went with Royal. I was stuck between two of the Lid Lustres too - Mink or Blonde. I went with Blonde which is a gorgeous white / gold shimmer. I picked the Bronze liner as I usually prefer a brown liner, although I don't think it will go with the blue eyeshadows. 

After placing my order, I quickly got shipping confirmation (15th Sept). It said on the website that shipping could take 4-10 days, I assumed that this was because they expected a large influx of orders. A few days after receiving shipping confirmation (which didn't include tracking details) I started to wonder if my parcel had gone missing! I noticed on social media that a lot of other people were waiting for their orders too. One person had complained and been told that shipping was taking so long because it was coming from America! Not once during the order process did it state that the order was coming from American. There was no mention of International shipping at all. This put me in a panic as you get charged customs fees which is 20% of your order (including shipping) plus an £8 handling fee. So I was expecting a bill of approx. £30 that I'd not budgeted for. Pretty annoying, right?! Luckily I needn't have worried. My order arrived on 21st Sept which wasn't bad going seeing as though it had come from America. The customs fees had been pre-paid so were obviously included in the price, which was a huge relief! Apparently the brand will be clearly adding all of this information to the website from now on so that everyone is aware.

The products arrived well packed, in sustainable packaging, which is always a bonus! Everything looks super classy and sleek. The actual makeup packaging is stunning. It's solid, weighty and just feels very well made. The eyeshadow had a protective film over it and the Lid Lustre has a removable insert to keep it pressed in. So are you ready for some swatches?

The Kajal liner in Bronze is a beautiful shimmery golden bronze shade. It's super creamy and blends well when smudged but still stays pigmented. The Smoky Eye Brick in Royal is a gorgeous selection of shades that compliment each other perfectly. Although the shades look matte in the pan, they do all have a subtle shimmer to them. I'd class them as a satin finish which I love as I think it's the best of both worlds! The two middle shades do come out more blue in real life (although this photo was taken in natural light, without editing the colour!) but they have a perfect cool / grey undertone so they're not too in your face. I think this will make the palette more wearable than I expected it to be. The bright blue is perfect to give that extra pop! The eyeshadows are pigmented and felt very silky. They're not overly powdery and there is minimal fallout from them. I have high hopes for how they'll perform. The Lid Lustre in Blonde is absolutely stunning. The swatch doesn't do it justice! It's a smooth powder / pigment that just melts into skin. Again, very minimal fallout. It's a beautiful white / gold / silver hybrid that will brighten up the eye area perfectly. It reminds me of Hourglass's Scattered Light pigments. 

All in all, it's a great first impression from Victoria Beckham Beauty. I'm excited to see what she brings out next. 

Victoria Beckham Beauty is available HERE

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