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Monday 27 January 2020

Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara Review

*Post contains products gifted in return for a review and affiliate links.

Mascara. It's the one makeup product that instantly makes me feel better about myself once I've applied it. It's an absolute essential product for me. Guaranteed that if you don't wear it, someone will tell you that you look tired or sick. As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul - well mascara frames them! I used to love trying out new mascaras but had a few that I'd always go back to (Benefit They're Real & Rollerlash, I'm looking at you.) But, horror of horrors one day my trusty mascaras started smudging! I kept getting panda eyes and it drove me mad. Luckily I managed to find one mascara that didn't smudge at all - Touch in Sol Stretchex (available HERE for £18 or save 25% using my affiliate code TTBSOL25). So for the past year, I've not used anything but Stretchex. I love it that much, I bought three when it was on offer over Christmas. 

I'd seen that Fenty Beauty were bringing out a mascara which intrigued me but I dismissed it as I do with all other mascaras. Then I got an email from Boots Review Panel saying they were sending me the Fenty mascara to try! I've been signed up to Boots Review Panel for years now and have had some great things to test, in return for an honest review on their website. 

So on to the mascara. It promises to do it all - give volume, define, lift, curl and lengthen. It's a waterproof formula too so is meant to be longwearing. Now what really caught my eye about this mascara was the brush. I always think the brush can make or break a mascara! Well this brush is pretty unique - it's flat! The idea is that you start with the "fat" side (I'd describe it as the thin side but that's what Fenty call it). This side of the brush allows you to get the base of your lashes, to fully coat them and add volume.
The "fat" side of the brush

You then use the "flat" side to curl and lift lashes. The brush has a pointed end too which is designed to add definition and length.
The flat side of the brush

So does it work? YES! The brush is absolutely brilliant. You really can control how you want you lashes to look by using each side of the brush. The flat side is fantastic to lift and curl lashes. I have very straight lashes naturally so this is a huge bonus for me. The formula builds well - you can keep adding coats without it clumping or getting spider lashes. As you can see from the below photo it makes a huge difference to my lashes.
One coat of the mascara

It really keeps them defined too. Now the big question - does it smudge? I'm pleased to say, it doesn't! There's no flaking or panda eyes. I get a tiny bit of transfer as the day goes on but I get that with Stretchex too. I'm very oily skinned so can't expect miracles! As you can tell, I'm impressed with this mascara. I'll certainly repurchase it. It is a bit more expensive than my holy grail Stretchex so I'll not use it as much but it's nice to have another mascara to swap between.

Fenty Beauty Full Frontal mascara is available HERE for £21.

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