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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defence SPF 30 Review

Feelunique (UK)

SPF is the most important step in my AM skincare routine so I'm always excited to try new ones! Dermalogica kindly sent me their newest SPF Invisible Physical Defence to try and I've been using it for over a month now.

This SPF is a mineral aka physical SPF which uses Zinc Oxide to protect your skin. It promises to be lightweight and ideal for all skin tones as it blends easily into skin. It also contains a Bio-Active Mushroom Complex to soothe and hydrate and Green Tea which gives antioxidant benefits.

Now I'm usually a "chemical" SPF girl, rather than mineral. In my experience chemical SPF's usually have a more elegant formula that's easier to work with.

So onto the SPF. You get a 50ml tube for £49 so it won't be in everyone's budget. It's a thick, almost moussey cream. I find it very moisturising - I could probably go without moisturiser. It spreads easily but takes a fair bit of rubbing to absorb fully. As it's so hydrating, it's tempting to use less product but that would mean less protection. It does have a white cast initially that does fade. I'm super pale though so it's rarely an issue for me. I'm not sure how invisible this would be on darker skin tones. I have a feeling it would leave a white cast. 

Initially I really enjoyed this SPF but the more I used it, the more issues I found with it. Firstly I found it can feel quite suffocating, like it leaves a layer on my skin. I find this with most mineral SPF's though. I also found that some day's it would pill throughout the day, especially round my hair line. It was almost as if it was drying out and leaving a powder behind. I haven't tried it under makeup as I'm not wearing it at the moment but I can't imagine that it would sit well all day. Lastly, I noticed that it would occasionally clump up in the lines on my neck if I'd been looking downwards at my laptop all day. It oxidized slightly too, so I'd end up with an orange line of gunk across my neck! Not a good look - luckily I'm working from home at the moment! 

So unfortunately this doesn't work for me. I would say that if you are a mineral SPF lover with dry, light - medium toned skin, this may work well for you but for my oily skin, it's definitely a pass. 

Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defence SPF 30 is available from Dermalogica, Skin City, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique for £49.

*This post contains affiliate links and a PR product as I'm part of Dermalogica's Skinfluencer program.

Feelunique (UK)


  1. Thanks for the honest review Tori. I have been interested in this product. I find it so hard to find sunscreen that blends in well into my skintone. Always on the hunt!

  2. BTW its me Shareena AKA skincaregalore from Instagram :)

  3. Its so hard finding a physical sunscreen that sits well under make up. Neostrata Sheer Physical Protection spf50 is fairly good, as is Heliocare. I am a bit obsessive and wear a layer of chemical followed by a layer of physical sunscreen!


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