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Tuesday 25 August 2020

Alpha H Vitamin B with Copper Tripeptide Serum Review

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Cult Beauty Ltd. 
I'm almost at the end of this bottle of serum so I thought it was time for a review! I'm a huge fan of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and always have a bottle on the go. Niacinamide is a fantastic ingredient as it's a multi-tasker. It can help regulate sebum production, which in turn makes our pores look more refined. It also helps strengthen your skin barrier too. 

So, on to the serum. Not only does this serum contain 5% Niacinamide but it also contains Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) which also helps with your skin barrier. The other main ingredient is Copper Tripeptide which gives the serum a beautiful blue colour. Copper Peptides help improve skin texture and firmness as it promotes collagen production. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate. 

Texture wise, it's very unique. It's fairly runny but it feels thick and substantial. I almost thought it was an oil when I first applied it as it's very silky. The serums absorbs instantly with no greasiness. It leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated. I've use this serum in both my AM and PM routines and it works well in either. I've not had any pilling / rolling issues from it.

As I've been using Niacinamide in my skincare routine for a year or so now, I don't expect to see any more improvements to my skin. It's more about maintaining the effects. This serum has done a brilliant job of doing that, with the added bonus of being a pleasure to use thanks to it's consistency. I love the addition of Peptides too as anything that boosts collagen production is a winner in my book! This is one of the nicest Niacinamide serums I've tried and I will certainly repurchase it again in the future. I've got a couple of other Niacinamide serums to test first though!

Alpha H Vitamin B with Copper Tripeptide serum is available from Cult Beauty for £39 and Beauty Bay for £30 (think it's cheaper as it's the old style packaging like mine. The new packaging is baby blue). 

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