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Friday 25 June 2021

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence SPF 50 Review

 Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence SPF 50
*AD info - this post contains a press sample and an affiliate code. I currently have a brand relationship with Tonic15.


Thank You Farmer are a Korean beauty brand who's ethos focuses on respecting and using natural farm grown ingredients to create effective skincare. Their skincare range is all about keeping skin healthy and protected whilst slowing down the ageing process. Thank You Farmer are just one of the amazing brands stocked at Tonic15 - my go to retailer for all things K-beauty (stay tuned for a discount code!). I've been recently testing out their Sun Project Light Sun Essence SPF 50, so thought it was time to share my thoughts.

Now first of all, Thank You Farmer weren't involved in the recent SPF issue that affected a number of K-beauty brands, where the SPF rating turned out to be much less than advertised. Their SPF ratings have all been verified and confirmed as correct, so there's no worries there!

The Light Sun Essence is specifically designed for those with oily / combination skin (like me!) but I think most skin types would be fine to use it. It contains a brilliant selection of ingredients, including Lotus Water, Soy Lipids, Purslane extracts and Phyto-Oligo, which are all work together to soothe and hydrate skin. It also has a Micro Gel Network to give it a weightless feel. 

So on to how it performs. It's a lightweight cream, although it's actually thicker than I expected it to be! I though it would be super runny but it's actually quite substantial. It applies to skin beautifully and sinks in instantly. It doesn't leave a white cast on me at all. Now although I'm very pale, I do think that this would be suitable for darker skin tones too. I apply three fingers worth for my face and neck and can apply this in one go, rather than in layers as I would with a thicker SPF.

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence SPF 50

The SPF has a light fresh scent to it. I can still smell the tell-tale SPF scent though but it's not overpowering. Usually the scent of SPF makes my eyes water throughout the day. I'm pleased to say that it's not an issue with this at all! The SPF scent dissipates quickly. I can take this SPF right round my eye area with no issues at all.

I've found the Light Sun Essence to be really hydrating, I could probably skip moisturiser if I wanted to. It gives a beautiful finish to skin, it's dewy without being greasy or overly shiny. I've worn it alone and under makeup and it works brilliantly either way. I've not had any pilling or rolling issues, which is great as that's a huge bugbear of mine. 

All in all, I've been really impressed by this SPF and would highly recommend it! The best part is that it's great value at £21 for 40ml. 

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence SPF 50 is available from Tonic15 HERE for £21. You can save 15% using my code TORIA15

Bobbi Brown


  1. Love that it doesn't make your eyes water!! Such a pet peeve for me

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