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Friday 6 July 2018

Tula - My Skincare Hero!

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Those of you that have followed me for a while, will have seen products from one brand appearing time and again and that’s Tula. 
Who are Tula I hear you say! Tula, which means balance in Sanskrit, are a brand co-founded by Dr Roshini Raj, who is a practicing gastroenterologist in America. Dr Raj applied her knowledge of how probiotics positively affect the body internally, to design skincare products containing probiotics to obtain the same balance on the outside! Makes sense doesn’t it? 
All Tula products contain probiotics (good bacteria) as well as other familiar skincare must have ingredients like Vitamins A, C and E to name a few. Probiotics have been found to be especially effective at holding moisture in the skin and reducing inflammation. They fight free radicals and bad bacteria on the skin which can help prevent signs of aging or acne. Tula products are also backed up by scientific research. 

My Tula collection
So how did I come across the brand? I’d been doing some research into products to help my acne and kept coming across the benefits of probiotics in skincare. This led me to see Tula for sale on QVC UK but I hadn’t got round to trying them. I was then lucky enough to win an Instagram competition hosted by Talk Becky Talk and QVC and I won a full collection of Tula products. Obviously I was thrilled! 

As soon as the products arrived, I started using them. I quickly saw an improvement in my acne. Now it didn’t get rid of it completely, nothing to date has, but I did see an improvement. Through trial and error since then, I’ve found that as long as I use a Tula product once a day or every other day, I get the benefits of the probiotics. Luckily the products are brilliant so it’s not an issue! 

Here’s a quick rundown of my favourite products from their range (this was so hard to choose only a few):

Aqua Infusion Oil-Free gel cream - this is one of their new products that quickly became one of my favourites! With me being oily / combo and acne prone, I have a penchant for gel creams. This one is just amazing! It super light and hydrating. Completely non greasy and is just a pleasure to use!

Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel* - this is one of my all time favourite Glycolic acid products. It’s an incredibly gentle gel but wow does it work! It’s a fabulous formula that really leaves skin soft and brightened.

Illuminating Serum* - this is an absolutely brilliant serum that I prefer to use in a morning. It’s milky and light, absorbs instantly and gives skin a lovely glow.

Exfoliating Treatment Mask* - this mask is a super star! It’s a clay mask that includes Lactic acid so it exfoliates and draws out impurities brilliantly. Think Glam Glow Super Mud but loads better!

Purifying cleanser* - now dare I say this is my favourite product of the range?! It’s a gel type cleanser, you only need the smallest amount and it comes in a huge tube so lasts ages! It’s got a gorgeous fresh scent, although it is quite strong so might be too much for some. I’m sensitive to fragrance though and I adore it! It’s perfect for AM and PM use, first or second cleanse as it just feels amazing. The gel melts and removes makeup brilliantly. It leaves skin super soft thanks to the Lactic acid. It doesn’t strip skin though, it leaves it hydrated. I can’t sing it’s praises enough! You’ll have seen it in my routines most days!

I’ve also been involved in giving a “Tula Testimonial” for their website after they’d seen my many Instagram posts saying how good their products are! I’m rather camera shy but it was good fun! (The link is on my main blog page, it if you fancied watching it.)

I’ve tried the majority of the Tula range (there’s a couple of new products that I’ve not tried yet - I’m waiting patiently for them to be on sale in the UK!) and there’s not been a bad one yet! 

You can buy Tula from QVC UK and Beauty Bay. They also have their own website but I believe they only ship within the USA. 

Have you tried any Tula products? Let me know if you do!

Disclaimer - some Tula products I won in a competition, some were gifted by the brand in return for my testimonial and some I’ve bought myself. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the brand or anyone else.


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