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Wednesday 29 August 2018

Homeopathic Skincare Review

Homeopathic Skincare are a Latvian brand that take a holistic approach to skincare. Their products are designed to treat the body inside and out. In fact they’ve coined the term “INEX” short for INternal / EXternal to refer to this process. The Homeopathic Skincare team have developed their products to a high standard using high quality ingredients. I love the concept of looking after your insides to keep your skin in tip top condition!

Deep Defence Cream - This cream is designed protect the skin from pollution, cigarette smoke and free radicals. I love anything that protects my skin in this way! The cream contains a variety of super ingredients including Dioscorea extract which firms and plumps skin, Echinacea which reduces fine lines and is antibacterial, Mentha extract to exfoliate and heal and Elderberry extract to fight free radicals and calm inflammation. It also contains some firm favourites Vitamin C and E and Jojoba Seed oil.

Firstly I absolutely love the packaging of this cream! It’s classy and luxe looking and it’s a solid pump dispenser, which is always a plus for me. We all know how annoying bad packaging can be. The cream itself is a lovely thick consistency. It absorbs quickly and left my skin looking plumped and hydrated. I found it fairly mattifying too, which made a great base for makeup. It smells faintly minty which is thanks to the peppermint leaf, this also gives it a lovely cooling sensation upon application. This cream works well for both morning and night use and kept my skin sufficiently hydrated. Now as you all know I suffer from acne and because of this my skin can sometimes be a bit temperamental when trying new products. After using this cream on and off for a few weeks I’ve found that it sadly blocks my pores and causes closed comedones. Looking at the ingredients list, it’s likely because of the inclusion of Shea butter. It’s such a shame, as aside from that, it’s been a pleasure to use! Now I want to stress that everyone’s skin reacts differently to products so just because this hadn’t worked for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you! In fact I’ll be passing this onto a friend (who doesn’t have acne) for her to try.

Deep Moisturise Pearls - These pearls are a dietary supplement designed to improve skins health. They contain peppermint and echinacea to boost your bodies immunity and black elderberry which is an antioxidant. The pearls are to be taken daily and used in conjunction with the Deep Defence Cream to boost the effects. I’m a big believer in supplements and already take Omega 3/6/9 and Probiotics to help with my acne. These little pearls are a pleasure to take, they’re mint flavoured and slowly dissolve under your tongue. They’re designed to be taken for a month, then have a 3 month break, then take for a month again. I can’t pass judgement on their effectiveness yet as I’ve not taken them for a full month yet.

So in summary sadly the cream isn’t for me but I love the ethos behind the brand and would recommend them if you don’t have awkward skin like mine! Do you take any supplements for your skin?

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