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Monday 27 August 2018

Indeed Labs Review - Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion & Resistance Booster

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I’ve had some Indeed Labs products on my wish list for a while now but never got round to buying any! Bit silly really as they’re a high quality brand, at low prices. You know they’re good when they’re championed by the likes of Caroline Hirons and Nadine Baggott. 

Indeed Labs are an innovative brand that are often at the forefront of new skincare technology. They ensure their product range caters for all skin types. They were actually the first brand to formulate a cream with pore blurring effects (Nanoblur). They aim to educate us on what our skin needs and provide the products to deliver the results.

So when Jess from Indeed Labs kindly offered to send me a couple of their products to try, I was really pleased! The products I received were Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion and Resistance Booster serum.

Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion is the lasted addition to the much loved Hydraluron line. Hydraluron Moisture Jelly is probably the most well know product from the brand - the new Moisture Lotion is basically a step up from this. 

This lotion includes a unique blend of Hyaluronic Acid which has 3 different molecular weights, which are all different sizes, meaning that they can penetrate the different levels of your skin and keep it hydrated for longer. Clever, right?! It also contains Zinc, Magnesium and Copper to protect skin from free radicals and squalane to moisturise. All these fabulous ingredients work together to keep your skin plumped, hydrated and smooth. 

The cream itself comes in a brilliant pump bottle, which I love. It’s keeps it air tight and protected and dispenses just the right amount. One pump is enough for my face and neck. The texture of the cream is thick but light, which again I love! It leaves skin feeling really moisturised without it being greasy or heavy. It gives skin a great finish, perfect for applying makeup on top or an oil. There’s not really a fragrance to it either. 

I’ve found myself reaching for this cream a lot - it delivers exactly what it promises to do. For £24.99 for 30ml, this is a great product that I’d definitely replace when this one runs out!

The Resistance Booster serum was recommended for me because of my acne prone skin. Indeed Labs has six serums in their Booster range - they’re designed to be mixed and matched, depending on what your skin needs at the time. A great idea as our skins needs can change so easily!

The Resistance Booster is designed to improve your skins defences against stress and damage. It protects your skin barrier which helps retain moisture. It also helps reduce breakouts as skin is more nourished! Ideal for me! 

The serum can be applied in a number of ways - on its own after cleansing, mixed in to another serum or cream or even your foundation! The serum itself is a lovely milky texture that absorbs easily, leaving no residue. I’ve used it on its own and mixed into cream and it’s worked beautifully either way. 

I’ve recently had an acne flare up so I’ve given this product a good test! It’s definitely kept my skin nourished and helped clear up my spots quicker. It’s easy to only concentrate on shrinking spots when having an acne flare up, but keeping your skin hydrated and your skin barrier protected at the same time, is just as important! For £16.99 again this is amazing value. 

I absolutely loved that a comprehensive fact leaflet was included for each product. I love knowing exactly what’s in a product and what it’s meant to do! 
I’ve been really impressed with both of these products from Indeed Labs and definitely want to try more from the brand! Have you tried any of their products? Indeed Labs are stocked at Boots.


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