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Saturday 29 September 2018

Indeed Labs Retinol Reface and Mineral Booster Review

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I've been loving the other Indeed Labs products I tried (review here), so I was so pleased when they offered to send me a couple more products to try out. I was even more excited when I found out what the products were - Retinol Reface cream, which has been on my wish list for far too long and the Mineral Booster serum, which recently sold out across the UK after a glowing review from Caroline Hirons.

So onto the products...

Retinol Reface - this creamy serum contains 3 types of Retinol which all work together to give you smooth skin, without any peeling or irritation. The types of retinol are:
  • Retinol RA (1%) - the RA stands for rapid action as this type of Retinol converts to Retinoic Acid super quick. This ensures you get the most out of it as it has less time to destabilise or cause irritation to your skin.
  • Retinol Micro-Spheres (1%) - This is a slow release retinol that works slowly and throughout the day. Again this means higher efficiency and lower irritation. 
  • Retinol-like Peptide (3%) - This Peptide has all the benefits of retinol, without the side effects.
The cream is designed to be used at night, after cleansing. When used consistently it will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and will give skin a smoother appearance.

Now this cream arrived as the perfect time for me as I was in the middle of the worst hormonal cystic acne flare up that I've had in ages. Retinol is brilliant to help acne as it speeds up the turnover over your cells. So I started using the cream as part of my PM routine. I've been using it as a moisturiser step with it being a cream but it would work just as well as a serum step. For me, it's definitely hydrating enough to be used this way.

From the first use, I saw a marked improvement in my skin, especially my acne. The first night I'd used it, I had bumps all along my jaw line, which were acne cysts deep under my skin. The following day these were visible, whereas normally they would take a few days to surface. This process is often referred to as "purging". Your skin has a natural cycle, which retinol speeds up. This helps bring spots to the surface quicker. The rest of my skin however looked great! It was clear and smooth and had a glow to it. The next use brought more of the same and started to help clear up the spots that had surfaced. With continued use, this cream has helped keep my skin fairly acne free or has quickly cleared up any spots that have appeared. Aside from the improvement of my acne, using this cream has also given me smooth, healthy looking skin.

I have to say that this has been one of the most effective Retinol product that I have used to date, the results are quick and obvious. Not only is it highly effective but I've had no side effects from daily use either. No peeling, no sensitivity, nothing! Obviously everyone's skin is different so I'm not saying this would be the case for everyone but I'm over the moon with the results from this product! Did I mention the price? It's a bargain at £19.99!

Mineral Booster - Now this little bottle of goodness shot to fame recently after the skincare Queen, Caroline Hirons posted about how amazing it was. So you imagine how much I was looking forward to trying it! No pressure. This serum is part of Indeed Labs Booster range. There's 6 serums in total, that can be used as and when you need them. They're the pick n mix of skincare! They each target a specific skincare issue and can be mixed and matched to your skins specific requirements. I've already been using the Resistance Booster which has been great to help heal my acne prone skin. The boosters can be used alone or mixed with other serums or creams. Very versatile! 

The Mineral Booster is designed to restore stressed, tired skin and give it a boost or energy. It protects skin from free radicals and pollution. It delivers oxygen to you skin cells and protects the dermis against glycation, which is caused by sugar being processed in a way that damages collagen and elastin which keeps skin firm. So think of this as the antidote to all the sweets and chocolate you eat! It also helps drain skin of impurities. The main superstar ingredient in this serum is Sepitonic M3 which is a combination of zinc, copper and magnesium that work together to stop free radicals forming and to energise skin. Sounds amazing, right? It sounds like it has the same effects as Serum A-Glyca from Biologique Recherch√© but for a fraction of the price! 

Texture wise, this serum is a much thicker consistency than the Resistance Booster but it absorbs just as easily. It's a thick, creamy texture and one large drop is enough to cover your face and neck. I've found that it's so thick that it doesn't easily drop out of the applicator so I have been wiping the serum from the pipette tube onto my hand and going from there. It's a soothing serum to apply, it hydrates and leaves no trace one rubbed in. It's worked well with every other product I've used with it.

I've been using this serum regularly for a few weeks now and can definitely see an improvement in my skin. It feels firmer and looks plump and healthy. I've had comments from people saying how good my skin looks, which is always a good thing! I think this is a great serum to use alongside others to give skin a boost when needed. That's the brilliant thing about the Booster range, they're designed to be mixed and matched as required. Like all the other products from Indeed Labs, this serum is great value, costing £16.99. Although you might have trouble getting hold of this one as it keeps selling out as fast as it's restocked!

As you can tell, I've loved both as these Indeed Labs products just as much (if not more) that the other two I have tried from the brand. These are definitely staples in my skincare stash now! I've added a couple more Indeed Labs products to my skincare wish list, keep your eyes out for a review in the future! For those in the UK, Boots are Indeed Labs stockists.

*This post contains affiliate links. This does not effect my opinion in any way. 


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