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Monday 13 May 2019

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpotLite Blemish Reducer Review

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I'd been toying with buying some form of home LED light therapy for ages, especially as 
my acne was getting progressively worse. But there were so many options out there, I didn't know which was the right choice for me. There were such variations in prices, it was confusing! I didn't want to buy too cheap and risk it being useless but equally I didn't want to spend a fortune if I didn't need to! My acne is always around my jaw and chin (thanks hormones). It's often large cystic spots that are deep under my skin that never come to a head. They're large, painful and take ages to heal, usually leaving behind red pigmentation marks. I do get some spots that come to a white head too, but not as often.

If you've not heard of LED light therapy before - there's two main types that are great for our skin. Red LED light helps reduce redness and inflammation and boosts Collagen production. Blue LED light helps kill bacteria, so can prevent spots from forming. Combined together, they make for a very effective acne treatment!

After having LED light therapy as part of a professional facial, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy something. The results from using a professional LED Light Therapy device (Dermalux and more recently Light Fusion) were incredible. Any inflammation was instantly calmed and less red and I definitely saw a reduction in spots forming. I knew that a home LED decide would be less powerful than a professional one but I decided that anything to help was worth a try!

Luckily around this time a came across a review by @roadtoglow of Dr Dennis Gross' DRx SpotLite. I'd been looking at this device anyway so was glad to see an actual review of it. Natalie's glowing review was all I needed to help me make my choice. I had some Space NK nDulge points so didn't have to put much money towards my order. 

The device itself is super easy to use. It's a cylinder that takes one AAA battery. It has an on / off button on the side and the LED light at one end. You use it following cleansing, prior to any other skincare steps. You take the device and place the LED end over your spot, press the button to turn it on, then hold in place. It automatically turns itself off after three minutes, beeping to let you know it's done. The device uses both blue and red light, so you get the best of both treatments. I find it really easy to use and usually sit watching TV whilst spot zapping! 

Now obviously you need to repeat the 3 minute cycle for each spot, so if you've got a few it can take a while! If you have acne all over your face, I wouldn't recommend a pen style device like this as it would be too time consuming. You'd be better off getting a full mask device instead. However, if you're like me and have a handful of spots at a time, this will be enough. Once you've completed the three minute cycle per spot, that's it! You can use the device more that once on each spot if you want. When I've had a particularly large cystic spot, I've given it a couple of cycles to really treat it. 

With using the device, I noticed that my spots healed much quicker. They were less inflamed, much flatter and less red. This was evident with only one use. I used it nightly until the blemish was healed. I found I had less pigmentation issues too. It didn't stop it from occurring but it certainly helped to considerably reduce it. As soon as I could feel a spot forming or even just a blocked pore, I would use the device. It often stopped spots from appearing at all! 

The only downside to the device is how quickly is uses up batteries. Luckily Natalie had mentioned this in her review, else I would have thought my device was broken. The first time I tried to use it, I'd forgotten to buy new batteries so I pinched some out of the TV remote. As they weren't new, the device wasn't able to complete a full cycle. Once I bought some new batteries, it was fine. It does use them up very quickly though. I found I got 3 cycles per battery, so was going through 2 batteries a day on average. This is easily fixed by buying rechargeable batteries or getting cheap ones from somewhere like Home Bargains, which is what I did. 

As you can tell, I'm super impressed with this device. My acne has improved dramatically thanks to this (and some other changes I've made and treatments I've had). I'd highly recommend this if you regularly get a few spots - it'll save you a lot of issues!

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpotLite Blemish Reducer is available HERE from Space NK for £58. 

Space NK UK

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