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Wednesday 15 May 2019

Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer Range

*Brand affiliate. Post contains a combination of PR and purchased items. 

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know how much I love K-beauty brand Touch In Sol. Korean skincare and makeup is famed for being focused on making us look healthy, youthful and hydrated. The aim is for "glass skin" aka super smooth, clear skin that's so dewy, it looks almost like glass. Now I do think perfect skin is unattainable but I'll give it a good try! Thankfully Touch In Sol products get me as close to perfect skin as I'll ever get!

Touch In Sol's most famous product has to be the No Pore Blem primer. I remember seeing Jefree Star raving over it on his YouTube channel ages ago. This primer has been so popular, that it's now been expanded into a full range! There's a primer to suit all skin types and needs.

I'll start with the OG itself - this is designed for all skin types. I'd say it's a gel / cream hybrid - it's super light and hydrating. It's pale pink so it slightly brightens your complexion. No Pore Blem visibly plumps skin - it actually contains collagen and green tea too so it has skincare benefits. Now it's name gives away it's main feature - it helps hide those pesky pores that so many of us are self conscious of. Not that we should be, pores are normal - we all have them! Doesn't stop us wanting to hide them though, does it?! With the primer plumping skin, that helps make pores less obvious straight away. It contains silicone which gives us that perfect smooth canvas that we all attain for. One of the main features that I love about No Pore Blem is that it contains an oil controlling powder, which gives it it's smooth, velvety texture. As I'm super oily - this is a huge bonus for me. I've found that No Pore Blem works will all the foundations / BB creams / tinted moisturisers etc that I've used it with. It's not pilled at all, which is unusual for a silicone primer! No Pore Blem costs £15 for 30ml so it's great value too.

Now onto No Pore Blem Priming Water - this version is especially good for those with dry / dehydrated skin or if you're Retinol-ing (it's a word!!). This primer is a completely different consistency to the original. It's runny, like water. It actually contains Bulgarian Rose Water and Oil which means it's intensely hydrating. It also helps calm redness too. Although it contains oil, it's very lightweight. It's not greasy at all. It does give skin a dewy / radiant finish. It makes a perfect canvas to apply makeup on. Again I've had no pilling issues with this. No Pore Blem Priming Water costs £18 for 30ml, so it's slightly dearer than the original. However I find I use less, amount wise, so value for money is probably about the same!

Last but not least is the No Pore Blem Priming Eraser. This unique primer is designed to be used in two ways - either over or under makeup. It's double ended with a twist up primer one end and a sponge blender on the other. The primer itself is a crayon. It's not waxy though, it's super light and just melts into skin. It can be used under makeup in the usual way, or the way I like to use it best, for touch ups. If I'm looking a bit oily part way through the day, I apply this over my makeup. It's so light it doesn't disturb my makeup at all. I blend it in using the sponge. It helps get rid of the shine and leaves skin looking smooth. It's so convenient to keep in my handbag too. The Priming Eraser costs £11.

As you can see, I love all three of these primers. If I had to choose a favourite - I'd pick the original but you can't go wrong with any of them!

Touch in Sol is available HERE from MMCL Pro - you can save 25% using my affiliate code TTBSOL25. You'll also receive a free full sized gift AND samples with every two items purchased. Enjoy!

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