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Tuesday 13 August 2019

Filorga Time-Filler Cream Review

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I've been using Filorga Time-Filler moisturiser for a while now, so thought it was time for review. Filorga are a cosmeceutical French pharmacy brand that have quickly caught my attention (see my review of Filorga's NCEF-Reverse Eyes cream HERE.)

So onto the cream....It's designed to visibly reduce lines and signs of aging leaving skin looking more youthful and revitalised. It contains concentrated Tripeptides which help relax the skin making it look smoother. The cream also contains another form of peptides which prompts the skin to produce more collagen, which in turn leaves it firmer and more taught. Encapsulated Hyaluronic acid also helps to plump out the skin and leave it hydrated. In other words, it's a good all round cream to help slow the signs of aging.

The moisturiser itself is very similar in consistency to the eye cream - it's a thick gel / cream with a smooth, silicone feel to it. This makes it very pleasant to apply to skin - it gives that lovely soft focus finish. You can see straight away that it plumps and hydrates skin, which is always a good sign! It also has the same chic fragrance as the eye cream - I'm guessing this is Filorga's signature scent. I personally like the scent but I know that it would be a no no for some people, as would the silicones. I love the feel of silicones in skincare but do find they can cause issues with pilling, which annoys me. I've been mainly using this moisturiser at night because of this, so I'm not adding SPF and makeup on top. The following morning after using this moisturiser, my skin was always well hydrated and looked fresh and plump. It definitely gives skin a boost! I've always loved Peptides in skincare for this reason - they're such an effective ingredient. I've found this moisturiser to be great for keeping skin looking firm and youthful. If you're look for a good all round cream to keep those wrinkles at bay, this could be it!

Filorga Time-Filler Cream is available HERE for £60 for 50ml.


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