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Tuesday 20 April 2021

Lovinah Skincare Royal Jelly Overnight Mask Review

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Cult Beauty Ltd.

When I saw last year that Cult Beauty were starting to stock Lovinah Skincare, I did a little happy dance! I’d been eyeing up their products for a while but didn’t want to order it from America due to customs fees. The founder of Lovinah Skincare, Joy Ekhator, takes inspiration from her African heritage when creating the products. Her formulas fuse ancient botanicals with modern bio-actives to create luxurious, effective products.

The Royal Jelly Overnight mask jumped out at me straight away because it contains a whole host of amazing ingredients including -

  • Royal Jelly - a wonder ingredient that’s packed with amino acids, 9 x B Vitamins including my favourite, Niacinamide. 
  • 8 x Peptides which support skin’s collagen and elastin production.
  • Snail mucin - this soothes and hydrates skin.
  • Bakuchiol which evens skin tone as well as smoothing lines. 
As you can see, it’s a real powerhouse product! Texture wise, it’s so unique. It’s a lightweight, creamy, jelly / pudding consistency that literally melts into your skin. I use a pea sized amount. It absorbs quickly and completely. There’s no stickiness or greasiness either. It has the most gorgeous scent too - it’s a sweet, subtle vanilla that I adore! After using, my skin is instantly plumped and hydrated.

The following morning after using this, my skin is calm, hydrated and glowing. It really perks my skin up, if it’s been looking a bit dull. Everything about this overnight mask screams luxury to me. The packaging is sleek and weighty. It’s one of those products that I look forward to using and take my time to apply. I love breathing in the gorgeous scent and slowly massaging it into my skin. Honestly, it’s such a treat to use!

Lovinah Skincare Royal Jelly Overnight mask is available from Cult Beauty for £68.

Cult Beauty Ltd.

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