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Tuesday 13 April 2021

Indeed Labs In-Circadian Night Mask Review

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Anyone else obsessed with overnight masks? I'm hooked! I've been testing out Indeed Labs In-Circadian Night Mask for a while now so thought it was time to share my thoughts.

If you've not heard of Indeed Labs before, they're a Canadian based brand that pride themselves on creating effective products with proven active ingredients, all at affordable prices. I've used a number of Indeed Labs products over the years and have always been impressed with them (check out my reviews of Retinol Reface and the Mineral Booster HERE and Hydraluron Intense HERE). 

Overnight masks / sleeping masks are a leave on mask that you use as your final step in your PM skincare routine. Really it's just another name for a night cream! I've used a number of sleeping masks - some are designed to go on top of your usual moisturiser, some are used on their own instead of a moisturiser. I've found that the ones that go on top of a moisturiser are usually lightweight and the ones to be be used instead of a cream, are usually a thicker consistency. This one is to be used instead of a moisturiser. 

In-Circadian is inspired by the body's Circadian rhythm. Your body naturally follows a wake / sleep cycle over 24 hours - this is your Circadian rhythm. It prompts your body to do certain things at certain times, like releasing hormones or cell regeneration. That's why they call it beauty sleep! Your skin is literally healing itself as you snooze. Amazing, right?! In-Circadian is designed to work overnight to hydrate skin and give you radiant skin by morning. 

So what's in it? In-Circadian contains -

  • B-Circadin - a plant extract that helps prevent skin damage caused by daily stressors that upset the circadian rhythm. It helps reduce puffiness and dark circles.
  • Polyglutamic Acid - this hydrates as well as creating a protective film on the skin to keep the hydration in.
  • Dawnergy - a potent Peptide that improves your complexion.
  • Duraquench IQ SA - this creates a bilayer (two molecules thick) on the skin that helps to deeply hydrate the skin.
The mask itself is quite a thick cream but it doesn't feel heavy at all. It's fragrance free (for those that like to avoid it). It spreads easily and feels instantly cooling on the skin. It's quite a unique texture - it doesn't fully absorb like a cream. You can feel that it leaves a protective layer on the skin but it's not smothering. It dries down completely, it's not sticky or tacky so there's no sticking to your pillow! It's instantly hydrating - it plumps my skin so well, to the point that you can barely see my pores. The following day after using this, my skin looks well rested and still hydrated. Amazing stuff! I use this 1-2 nights a week when I feel my skin needs that extra hit of hydration. Such a treat to use - highly recommend!

Indeed Labs In-Circadian is available from Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic & Boots for £24.99.

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